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  1. I would be interested in this information too-have been serching for prices but no luck so far!
  2. Have not checked mine yet-would like to meet again before I decide what to do
  3. Anyone get the money into their account today-no in mine What is the next step?
  4. Newbie I don't think you have the wrong end of the stick-not sure who has taken the money from the bond- in the a greement it says the bond will depreciate yearly-I always wondered what this meant! is it Ochel or the mortgage bank? Would be interested to see what OS says. No momey in my account yet! (Tuesday)
  5. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...hp?showforum=41 Hav tried to request an upgrade but cannot get anywhere with it-any advice on how to use it anyone
  6. Mcj Thanks for this information. Zero does not sound good-does this happen often? Is 60% of original income the best it will ever be?
  7. I am begining to think that we are going to end up with no rental income like one of the guys above! Oleg is not answering e-mails or phone since last week to me -has he left the job-is the 6 weeks up-does anyone know. I did not get a letter to sign-we all seem to be getting different messages Thinking of getting a lawyer here to look at the contract with the mortgage company to see where I stand if payments into it stop
  8. I was not given 2 choices-just asked to get the money released-I don't even know how to do this-I was with Allianz form the start-tried to ring them (the mortgage section) today but could not get anyone who spoke English. Did you have tosend payments for the last 2 months directly to the mortgage company to get the payments from Ochel started again? I had to do this. WAs in contact with the Allianz bank which has the account rent money goes into and they confirmed no payments have been made in June or July
  9. Nairek I think we need legal advice from a German lawyer on this! I am running around in circles and getting no straight answers-got a letter from Ochel today looking me to get bank to release over E3000 against the morgtgae to keep payments at same level-did anyone else get thsi?
  10. Thanks mcj. Is there much of a cost using a conventional lettings manager? Did the solicitor put you in contact with a reputable one?
  11. Hi Cannot get onto replying properly apologies for the mistakes. I got a message that I was getting a bit less than half of the income I was getting before this problem started at the end of the month-after sending the bank 2 months rent which had not paid -can anyone explian exactly why I am only getting half? Could we get another organisation to manage the deal for us like the previous one. We also seem to have to be responsible for repairs etc if Dr Ochel goes bankrupt-this could run into a lot of money and how would we handle it when we are not in the country and cannot speak the language. No word yet on the bond-he is to get back to me when he knows. I would like to meet up-let me know when and where and I will try to be there
  12. My mortgage is with Allianz and I have not had any communication from them except to look for the rent for the last 2 months directly from me. Any word of the £3000 being used to cover the rent anyone/
  13. Got the right reply button at last! Yes it was him! I don't have a clue what to do about all of this! Do Iwait and see what I am offered for the rent and make if the difference -if I can afford it or do I get a lawyer in Germany-we could be out a fortune trying to sort this out! I have never been in a situation like this before
  14. Hi I have only found out today about this crisis and it is really scary! Have you met in Belfast? Are you meeting again or could I meet someone-never used a forum before so not sure how it works. Was in contact with someone today and he said there was a big meeting today to see if bank is realising the bonds awaiting information from him. I would be interested in joining together for one lawyer
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