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  1. is building fast up 4x in some cities just since november I think our crash beats yours a newspaper actually used 2004 for yoy stats =roflow
  2. we're 12-18 months behiind hitting peak march-june 05 some US cities have dropped 5-7% already, but when I comee here it seems not much is really changing in UK.
  3. higher appreciaton in 05 vs 04 BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I'm confused
  4. looks like UK started down in 6/04 18 months later what's the change ? 5% 10 % ? I come to this blog but see no real concensus. USA started down 6/5 with some areas moving down 5% quickly and others not changing much at all. From 1990 to 95 some high flying areas came down by 30% what % have you changed in UK ?
  5. since 6/4 off 5% 10% ? how does this compare to 1990 ? US has started down 6/5 picking up speed
  6. it's been 15 months, so when is a watched bubble going to pop?= never, just drift down 20% ? over 3+ years.......
  7. no bidding wars anywhere in USA now peak was 6/05 and investors in USA know that UK peaked 6/04
  8. NYC , SAN FRAN , DC all reported peak prices in june of 05 some cities Boston,Chicago peaked in septembe of 04 inventory now building at double digits..........
  9. not muchto debate- all US markets are showing quick inventory build and discounting
  10. gov couldn't stop 199-1995 crash markets have power gov's don't
  11. wow the media in USA barely admits to UK flattening this is tanking
  12. how about financial and construction ? wouldn't they get hit the hardest?
  13. its expected OCT/NOV will be the turning point in US at least UK has cooled on the Euor and EU const- stay independent
  14. boston- getting soft areas around but not in New York cooling only Portlan OR and SEatle WA Miami FL show real streangth
  15. major breach of ethics by EA telling people who's desparate Have bought /sold many w/o an EA- easy as pie most markets cooling in USA now
  16. ALL US markets are cooling now- EA's claiming summer slow down,but not in 03 or 04 maybe some buying in Miami w foreign cash ,but now that the dollar is up that will end
  17. been monitoring this to learn whats next for USA hope the trades hold up ok
  18. the internet has brought it down from 6 to 5% and its on its way lower what is the rate in UK ? tia
  19. looks like UK and AUstralia are doing a soft landing ? even Netherlands looks ok ? However, I think many of you underestimate the large number of people that consider MEW is simply a way of taking your 'profit' from your house They know its 'sort of a loan' but not really Everybodies doing it, so why not them? Hence the excessive spending by so many people on average salaries, buying goods and services that would be way beyond their means, under normal circumstances But, hey - its kept the economy going and its been good while it lasted. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  20. tell Tony Blair- he's down 12- ?? from 2002 pruchases which = 20% of 5/2004
  21. [last price spikes w low volume Boston area breaking - high end homes everywhere slowing condos and conversions still strong but thats the low end (dumb money) BTW EA real estate agents get 5% on average here- ususally split 4 ways. It's down from 6% via pressure from the net-I expect it to fall more after bubble is dead. in UK its 2% is this just the last few years ? tia
  22. soon savers will be rewarded as deflation comes on inflation won't be around to save debters its a 20-25 year bond cycle
  23. didn't Tony Blair already lose 25% based on 2002 prices ? his 2 flats sold at 12% discount to 2002 so ????
  24. private 14 miles S of Washington DC $ 1850 4 bedroom house $ 480,000 = rediculous
  25. people in the US have no idea what's going on in UK a little press this month ,but nothing significant
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