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  1. Speckled Egg

    What To Offer?

    Good point I took the prices off houseprices.co.uk. What price should it be today though?
  2. Speckled Egg

    What To Offer?

    Thanks 24gray24! I posted on forums when I was selling my flat and the doom mongers said I wouldn't sell it. There was no hope. The economy was shot, I would be stuck with it forever. Even when I accepted the offer people were telling not to be smug as it would probably fall through. In actual fact, I knew I would sell it. Yes, the market was slower and yes I did take a hit on the price (even selling it at £153K!). I took their comments on board but in actual fact some of the advice I was given was downright ridiculous.
  3. Speckled Egg

    What To Offer?

    Oh right, thanks. Yes, you're right about the 2004 thing - wasn't thinking! Have just done an internet search which confirms it. Not sure I'd be brave enough to offer £250k but 10% off £290k is £261k which would make life a lot easier for us. (Plan to have a family and give up work.)
  4. Speckled Egg


    I don't know Berkhamstead but have been watching the Beaconsfield and Amersham area for the last two years. Beaconsfield is really nice but top whack. Do not expect to get a bargain there. Three bedroom semis without garages (probably ex local authority) in the poor part of town start at £350k. Amersham is cheaper and Chesham is cheaper again but some of the areas aren't that desirable so be careful where you look. Prices have dropped but the market has started moving again over the last four weeks and houses coming on at the right price are selling fast. Hope that helps.
  5. Speckled Egg

    What To Offer?

    How is it overpriced by £35K? I sold a one bedroom flat for £153k in Oct 2008 in an area close by. Much as I would like it to drop to £175k I can't see that happening. It's 30 minutes into London on the train, in beautiful countryside, close to the M25, M4 and M40. It's a very affluent area of the country where unemployment is still low despite the recession.
  6. Having looked for quite a long time we have finally found our perfect house today. House is a 3 bedroom detached for £325k. It came on the market the middle of this week. Contrary to the rest of the country, houses are still selling quickly here and £325k isn't a bad price. My gut feeling is that it won't hang around for long. We are in a strong position in that we are currently renting, have a mortgage agreed in principle for £300k and are willing to wait for the vendor to find a property if necessary. Ideally, we would like the house for less than £300k. Our aim is to buy this as a family house and stay in it for the forseeable future. We're not looking at it with a view to buying it to make a fast buck. Any advice on how to proceed? In terms of the vendor, they have been in the house since new (15 years). They aren't in a desperate rush to sell but are trading up. Historical house prices for similar properties in the same road are:- £310k Oct 2006 £300k Jan 2005 £290k Aug 2004 £300k Oct 2003 £294k Jul 2002 Any advice would be appreciated.

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