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  1. 'I just don't recognise those figures' 'To be honest' 'No, I'm absolutely clear about this' 'Muddled and confused' - about the Tories of course. Makes you sick doesn't it?
  2. Having been to Poland on a few occasions recently and seen how nice it and it's people are I'd be tempted to join the exodus. Warsaw makes this place look like a sh.thole.
  3. Have you bought a flat in Bulgaria? It 'll be the next big thing for compensation demands.
  4. Agreed re Nick Abbot. I'd be stunned if he does not read/post on this site, most nights he sounds like a radio version of hpc.co.uk.
  5. Had these threats (letters & phone calls) for years - tv rigged to dvd - no aerial & detuned & a hatred of tv - must be this website Letter arrived last week with a phone number to 'arrange' a visit! First ever letter with a contact number and no legal threats - went in the bin.
  6. Heard Frederick Forsyth slagging off Brown many years ago doubting his tag as the 'miracle chancellor', well before 2003 I think. He was really getting stuck in, of course nobody was interested then!
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/news/worldthisweekend/ From 14 mins onwards.................at last they've caught up.
  8. What rubbish, hound them down for every last penny, no lets be 'compassionate' - call it 98%. Scrap/sell their X5, Boxster, Plasma TV, Hot tub, Gucci stuff and all of the other tat they have aquired with phantom money. It was never their money in the first place. If not savers will bail them out. Let them eat cake!
  9. R4 1400 news had what sounded like Justin Urqhart Stewart squarely blaming the govt. only heard it in the background though.
  10. My road and a few hundred yards either side: NOT including those already SSTC - £495, £475, £499, £525, £575, £700, £747, £750, £1.35m and several others I have not followed. I have lived here for ten years and have never ever ever seen so many For Sale signs. The norm was one or two a year and then the 'locals' would soon be talking about it and who was moving in. Something is definately going on. I felt like a pauper living here thinking everyone was cashed up apart from me (relatively). Maybe it was/is all a fascade?
  11. Such anger, must be a BMW driver......... Just take your place behind my van and wait, most (all?) cannot do overtakes these days but only tailgate.
  12. Of course he will. While he is writing about 'courage' 20/21 year old boy's are getting lined up for a VC for dodging RPG's/AK47's and Dshk 12.7mm whilst saving their mates in a firefight in Afghanisthan. I hate/despise with a passion public sector workers while the likes of Johnson Beharry and the latest 'adventure' go on. Brown & co. are not worthy of licking our VC's boots.
  13. My neighbours must think that also. Their house did not sell at £695 for the last two years now it's on for £750, you could not make it up! Obviously they have missed out on the last two years 'growth'.
  14. Fab news, just checked mine. Avge..£509 508 Down by 1.98% Sales @ 231. Should be able to buy an overpriced mansion in a while if this is the beginning, lets hope so. Neighbours did not sell @ £695k last year, hilariously now up for £750k. Never believed this scenario but now seen it, unbelievable.
  15. Andy, out of interest what is your most recent OPC/LPC valid on? Are you a TRE/IRE/TRI? You would need to be quite senior to scoff at £100k or (in this case?) make money elsewhere. Or you could be with a 'loco' but end up 6' under from exhaustion!
  16. I agree. Two years ago hpc talk would be met with laughter now they groan and say 'I hope not. What do you think will happen'.
  17. Local library today - been 'updated' - very plush now. Used to have two staff on the desk - now four - all doing nothing but laughing and chatting loudly. It's all self-service now using bar code scanners - why the extra staff with nothing to do? Council tax bill up by £13 month. Of course - 'Investment in services'. :angry:
  18. Plenty of sub-prime talk, falling house prices and potential recession on Radio 4 this morning and not just in the business section. Definately no 'spin' from the US estate agent.
  19. No, it's my money they are stealing. I trust you are on a DAY OFF at the moment if you work in the public sector? Keep up the good work Dog, this should be on the front pages.
  20. Gordon Brown immediately springs to mind having read that. 'Mystification and misdirection', that could apply to any number of Nu Labour weasels. How's that UK economy explanation coming along?
  21. Heard it too. Everything was 'strong' this, 'strong' that. Strong, strong, strong! Wierd.
  22. R4 news before announcement: "worries that inflation may be near 3%". R4 news after announcement: " the BOE may raise interest rates again this year". Hillarious stuff.
  23. Male - small willy - not very tall - large engine - probably a BMW (or wants one).
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