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  1. I know a letting agent quite well they are regularly asked for all the details of ll`s on their books by HMRC
  2. HMRC has now got what they call big data it`s a computer system that actually dose what it says on the box he probably got caught by having tenants in receipt of benefits but i could be something as simple as his bank accounts had more going in than he was earning via employment ....there`s a very good reason you have to provide proof of your NI number to open a bank account now It could also be the result of using a letting agent on a side note i know loads who are getting stung for tax after working through umbrella companies via agencies ,agencies have to have proof of identity and NI No by law now, a visit by HMRC and they have all they need concerning everyone that has worked through said agency same goes for letting agents The problem the bloke will have is the chances of him being able to prove most of his expenditure is probably remote as he never intended paying tax so why keep any books /receipts
  3. There was never going to be a EU army was there ...the lies that were told and the gullible just lapped them up
  4. Never forget browns no more boom and bust and never forget who presided over massive HPI to the point it broke the banking system They all talk the talk and walk the walk when in opposition but they all revert back to saving there own a rse when they get into power Never forget the massive immigration Labour allowed.(team blue are no better)they will do the exact same thing ,basic math`s will tell you when you let in 300k people net, a year when you are only building 100k houses a year ,supply and demand, thus higher house prices We don`t have a NHS crisis We don`t have a Housing crisis We don`t have a low wage crisis We have to much immigration with no planing in place to accommodate it ,we are slowly becoming the welfare state for the world ...this is steptoes dream ..the only caveat is that he really will bring on a HPC but the country will be fecked along with it ,i think it comes under the heading be careful what you wish for
  5. Any civil action is going to take at the very least six months and there needs to be a debt to initiate that action Civil courts move at a glacial pace
  6. They need to bring it a guaranteed five year tenancies now ,turn the screw on the over leveraged LL`s when the future tax bills for S24 are still fresh in their minds
  7. I voted no but would vote yes if the vote was between just leave and feck them or take the deal We have had the vote on leaving so that`s a given
  8. The return of MIRA`s ....how do the saying go where the US goes we follow
  9. You need to reed the rest of the tweet/thread .....i don`t know how but Mr Price was the trade minister talking to the 60 countries last year
  10. If it is we could all be on the hook for our share of the loss
  11. Yep they all use the same blag to flatter their percentage sold stats
  12. If you are looking at mountain bikes ? theres not a lot you can do with them other than small repairs as they are heat treated after being made/welded together as soon as you weld them after this you introduce a soft spot where the weld is and its never going to be as strong as it was before
  13. It`s simple enough to learn but to get to a coded standard where the real money is (pipe work ) you must have the aptitude it`s like drawing/painting you either have it or you don`t it`s a skill But for your intended purpose youtube is all you need with a bit of basic theory ..my tip would be buy an inverter based welder stay well away from transformer ones, MIG is the easiest starting point but TIG gives you the most control ...you will soon find out why nobody wants to weld cars though
  14. Add welder to that list the number of coded welders in this country is going to fall off a cliff edge in the next ten years if not before
  15. Coming to a place near everyone https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/aug/13/half-of-landlords-in-one-london-borough-fail-to-declare-rental-income
  16. Yep it looks that way ,there are still fools out there pilling in for how long who knows but when they stop the game will realy begin
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