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  1. long time lurking

    small van purchase - advice required

    Insurance will be the similar (but it can be very hit and miss), MOT the same, the thing to watch out for with insurance is you very rarely get third party cover to drive other/peoples vehicles like you would with car insurance ,it`s also worth trying the specialist insures such as Aidrian Flux especially if the van is a second vehicle as you might be able to get a limited mileage policy .just say you are using it for leisure activities such as mountain biking canoeing ..etc
  2. long time lurking

    Tommy Robinson Otherwise Engaged

    And that`s the defences opinion Easy question do you believe everything said by AJ or his guests ? I`m only asking as you seem like a reasonable person
  3. long time lurking

    Tommy Robinson Otherwise Engaged

    Convicted him for/ as a criminal offence when it should have been a civil one, civil gives you the same rights as a remand prisoner in prison,the judge in Leeds sent him to a remand prison where it sounds like he had some of the rights he was entitled to ...the question is who made the decision to send him to cat C Onley as a cat C prisoner I`m sure they were all genuine errors of judgement
  4. long time lurking

    Tommy Robinson Otherwise Engaged

    No they both( Leeds and Canterbury) simply made the same mistakes...you of all people should know better
  5. long time lurking

    Tommy Robinson Otherwise Engaged

    The same could be said about the BBC ....etc
  6. long time lurking

    Tommy Robinson Otherwise Engaged

    For all the learned Barristers and judges that could not distinguish a criminal offence from a civil one and did not realise due process is expect under British law Read on https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/yaxley-lennon-full-judgment-1.pdf
  7. I know a letting agent quite well they are regularly asked for all the details of ll`s on their books by HMRC
  8. HMRC has now got what they call big data it`s a computer system that actually dose what it says on the box he probably got caught by having tenants in receipt of benefits but i could be something as simple as his bank accounts had more going in than he was earning via employment ....there`s a very good reason you have to provide proof of your NI number to open a bank account now It could also be the result of using a letting agent on a side note i know loads who are getting stung for tax after working through umbrella companies via agencies ,agencies have to have proof of identity and NI No by law now, a visit by HMRC and they have all they need concerning everyone that has worked through said agency same goes for letting agents The problem the bloke will have is the chances of him being able to prove most of his expenditure is probably remote as he never intended paying tax so why keep any books /receipts
  9. There was never going to be a EU army was there ...the lies that were told and the gullible just lapped them up
  10. long time lurking

    Now it's starting, what would stop it?!

    Never forget browns no more boom and bust and never forget who presided over massive HPI to the point it broke the banking system They all talk the talk and walk the walk when in opposition but they all revert back to saving there own a rse when they get into power Never forget the massive immigration Labour allowed.(team blue are no better)they will do the exact same thing ,basic math`s will tell you when you let in 300k people net, a year when you are only building 100k houses a year ,supply and demand, thus higher house prices We don`t have a NHS crisis We don`t have a Housing crisis We don`t have a low wage crisis We have to much immigration with no planing in place to accommodate it ,we are slowly becoming the welfare state for the world ...this is steptoes dream ..the only caveat is that he really will bring on a HPC but the country will be fecked along with it ,i think it comes under the heading be careful what you wish for
  11. long time lurking

    Where's Venger

    For clarity
  12. Any civil action is going to take at the very least six months and there needs to be a debt to initiate that action Civil courts move at a glacial pace
  13. They need to bring it a guaranteed five year tenancies now ,turn the screw on the over leveraged LL`s when the future tax bills for S24 are still fresh in their minds

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