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  1. Thanks all! we withdrew from the transaction and luckily have just found a much nicer flat. Hopefully there won't be the same issues with this one!
  2. Hi, I have been in the process of buying a flat for the last 3 and half months. However the seller has both changed their mind about certain issues and also will not disclose information we need. Firstly, we were assured that there was no onward chain but when all of the necessary conveyancing procedures were reaching the stage to exchange contracts we were told we couldn't exchange until the seller had exchanged on a place that they were trying to buy. Which has left me living on floors for the last month. On top of that, there was one enquiry left unanswered regarding an undertaking to settle substantial service charge arrears. No answer was forthcoming through the solicitors but the estate agent assured us that the seller was aware of the arrears and was willing to pay them back. At the last minute (i.e last Friday) we were told that the seller was in a legal dispute and was not willing to pay all of the arrears until that dispute was resolved. They were willing to give the money to their solicitor to hold in trust to pay when the dispute was resolved. Obviously, as this was new news we requested more information - simple things like who was involved in the dispute, what was it about, how long had it been going on and most importantly what implications this would have on us should we purchase the property. The seller refused to answer our enquiries and believed we should just purchase with no undertaking that all arrears will be settled or any information regarding dispute (but that their solicitor was holding the funds) and also issued us a deadline of two days to exchange contracts. We have said that is too much of a risk (it's a leasehold as well so the management company can forfeit a lease on no notice if they believe a property to be in arrears) to proceed without more information and if we don't get it we'll withdraw. Are we being unreasonable? It seems like a big risk to take to proceed. We've invested a substantial amount of time and the associated costs in this - is there any advice you would have for what to do??

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