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  1. Pete, have a lie down, think you've had too many of those avatar beers
  2. Correct, as people generally don't have the money up front to buy a house, they have to borrow from a bank. The banks job "should" be to lend as much money out to people as possible at a level which they can just about afford to pay it back, without defaulting. The customer thinks "How much can I afford each month?" The bank thinks "How much can this person afford each month without defaulting?" Sure they could let a FEW people default, reposess the houses and then sell them on (probably not making as much money if the mortgage was completely paid off). This won't affect the market much. LOTS of people defaulting is bad as it floods the market so prices fall. Unfortunately banks have become supermarkets "selling you products" by "advisors" who know they need to get the commission whilst they can, because they'll be sacked next month if they don't reach targets.
  3. Can you imagine any other industry where you would get such a reward for "bankrupting" your employer? Normal people would have the decency to just shut up and get on with their lives if they had been so "successful" at their jobs.
  4. Went into our local city centre last night. Local cheap 2 for 1 pub quite busy. City Centre DESERTED - even trendy bars. Can't understand it, payday for most people this week I would have thought. Maybe it's because it's holiday time and everyone's away, but would expect most people frequenting such area would be young with disposible income and no kids and live close by in the 1/2bed flats. Bank holiday weekend too. Lived here for nearly 20 years. Don't get to go out often these days, but everywhere is starting to look early 90's again - boarded up shops, closed restaurants, bars. Anyone else noticed this?
  5. The UK IT industry is truly screwed. Paying for years of unprofessionalism and lack of leadership - the last 10 years has been one large Wild-West show. Starting with the Y2K "have a go Joes" - all shiny shoes, cheap suits, bullsh*tters and liers the lot of them, and about as many computer skills/qualifications as my cat - all managed to hang around until 31st December 1999 before closing the business and moving off to the next big-thing (estate agents probably). Then we have the huge public sector failures. I know people who've worked for blue chip consultancys sit on site taking a few hours to do the work, then being told to sit there for the next 4 weeks doing sweet FA, just so the customer (taxpayer) can be billed for 4 weeks work. Then the government pulls this trick. No wonder kids at school/university aren't interested. IT was a viable choice for clever working-class kids 20 years ago, those who didn't have the "connections" to be bankers, accountants or lawyers. A good chance to do a professional job in a new industry.
  6. When I see these sorts of programs, it is all too easy to attack the single mums, they are easy targets. Having watched the program it seemed pretty obvious that they all cared for their kids and tried to provide for them, even in the misguided way of getting into £75k+ of debt buying toys, Sky (cartoon channels) and TV. Personally I don't believe kids need all this stuff, mine certainly don't. But some people equate posessions with love. Maybe buying stuff for their kids that they couldn't have.... Probably making up for feckless father not being there But, as usual the kids are with the mum and the father has f*cked off probably never to be seen again. People like the CSA only seem to ever persue the "easy" cases - probably to meet some government target (or perhaps their husband has died with no insurance...) The woman at A4E although quite irritating at times, did have some good points, but she was also completely clueless to think that a woman with 4 kids would be better off with basic wage job. The choice not to work she has made is completely rational. Having said that the A4E woman probably does realise this but probably gets a nice juicy bonus for everyone she gets back into "work", she seemed like a salesperson bottom line. I cannot understand why the JobCenter are paying a huge amount of money to a private company to be doing the job they are there for in the first place, seems very dodgy.
  7. -0.8% with the mortgage included 3.4% without the mortgage Load of rubbish - assumes you are one of the shrinking group of people with a cheap tracker mortgage no doubt....
  8. You lot obviously work under a different contract to me. Wage rises: CPI one year, RPI another year, Chicken Price Index another year, obviously whichever works out the cheapest Lucky for me a pay freeze this year. No negative pay rises......... yet!
  9. Firstly Fox are some strange nationalist right wing TV station whose sole purpose seems to be to scare the crap out of "rich", white suburbia. If we followed their thinking, everone would go to church every Sunday and live in their "happy" gated communities to keep out all the black, immigrants and poor people. Every time I have seen any of their programming I am reminded of all the worst images of the USA. Thankfully, not everone there is as portrayed on Fox. Some statistics I saw the other day (think it was Sky News) said the UK spent 9% of GDP on Healthcare, whereas the USA spend something like 18%. Whether this is true or not, I cannot believe that a system run by private companies taking out a percentage of profit can be cheaper than the NHS. Bearing the costs in mind, is the USA system TWICE as good as the UK system? I don't think so. The NHS has lots of problems undoubtedly - huge amounts of money wasted etc. You do have the option to go private if you are in a rush or want nice food and TV, but you will see the same doctors (working on the side). Good if you want a hip replacement. If you have anything seriously wrong with you or if it all goes wrong at the private hospital, NHS it is. In a civilised country I would rather have a lower standard of care for half the price for 100% of the population.
  10. I think that provides the answer as to why they won't do such a thing!
  11. A few weeks ago it was mentioned that yet another tax would be added to our gas/electric bills every year to fund new power stations, grid etc. I think a figure of £200 was mentioned. Yet another tax to fix something that they should already be investing in. On the one hand we are told that there are terrorists everywhere, on the other, we are told we need to build big huge power stations. For any mad person wanting to cause trouble, surely these would be an ideal target. Doesn't really matter if they are gas, coal or nuclear. What I'm getting at, is that £200 a year say for 10 years would provide a good chunk for people to invest in their own power generation. A good chunk of most peoples power useage in the home must be the heating of water. I bet a couple of grand would go a good way to installing evacuated tube solar heating on every house in the country. I know someone who successfully has these installed, and even in winter has sufficient hot water.
  12. If you want to look at the wheezes supermarkets pull with suppliers, customers, councils and even their own staff, spend a bit of time reading: Shopped: The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets by Joanna Blythman I assume what she says is true as I haven't heard of her being sued Bottom line is that they don't care about anything other than profit and ruthlessly cutting out any competition anywhere. I was suprised to read that even the C@-@P are at it along with the big boys! Also, they want to sell "food products" as there is more profit in that and it's easier to store and transport than that horrible "fresh food" stuff.
  13. The concept of the man going out to work whilst the woman stays at home, seems to me to be a very 20th century, first world concept. It is/has been a luxury to have this choice (for a large proportion of the population). The trend for both partners to work is just a return to the long term normal way of the world. In the case of me and my partners grandparents (born around 1900), all worked full time, whether in factories, on farms or in their own shop. Their kids were not "carted" off to childcare in the official sense, but were collectively looked after by aunties, older children, friends, grandparents etc. Every able person was expected to work as there was very little in the form of safety net. Look around the world (non-western type societys), several generations live together still, to enable this to happen. It is only through the relative wealth of the country compared with the rest of the world that this has been possible for the last fifty years. Even when I was a kid in the 70's, most "working-class" families that I knew had two parents working (mother either full or part time). Generally the few who only had a father working were the "professional/middle" class families - doctors, architect, teacher etc. There were a handful of no parents ever working "professional unemployed" - even this is not a new phenomena. The complete lie told over the last few decades is that everyone is now middle class, unless you live a sink estate or in a massive mansion. This in my opinion is complete twaddle. I know of very few people my age with partner/kids etc, although classed as "professionals", who could afford to be unemployed for any extended length of time. Most people are still working class now, but the jobs are just different. The reality is that most families need both parents to work as much as possible, whether the man or woman is the main breadwinner is not a choice that most families have.
  14. I disagree, the motorways are empty - IMO: I would say traffic levels are back to early/mid nineties levels. Been like this for at least the last six months. Friends HGV business very close to bancruptcy and had been clinging on since beginning of the year. Local pub this Saturday night was empty by 9:00 (was busy earlier apparently - probably true, judging by the number of unwashed pint glasses). People probably going home for a few extra drinks rather than paying 2:50-2:80 a pint. Either that, or scarpering seeing my happy face coming through the door It's the start of summer and I don't see much cheer. It's like being in the eye of the storm. AF.
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