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  1. I currently live in the Fleet area. Lots of trees, plenty of large detached houses (many seemed to be owned by the elderly), decent schools with involved parents, generally a nice area all round. However, lots of building projects on the go (started a couple of years ago), now adding to the traffic problems & local schools becoming over subscribed. Eye watering house prices (seems to be a personal opinion) & Fleet high street is dominated by estate agents, banks, charity shops, coffee establishments & hair dressers. It also suffers from empty shop spaces, especially the indoor
  2. Up to a few years ago my mum was still renting her telephone from BT. I was speechless when she told me.
  3. i have a work colleague who has a BTL in Bristol. He was born and brought up in the area and thinks its the centre of the universe. He's constantly going on about the quality (high paying) jobs there, RR being one of the prime examples he uses, and will not entertain for one second the thought that these jobs could disappear. i know they haven't revealed the redundancy locations yet but i'll certainly be drawing his attention to this.
  4. Nice try. I'm willing to take the risk in our local branch (Farnborough), in order to save roughly a third on my monthly shop & whilst eating better. That's got to be on a par with Aldi/lidl.
  5. Or you could find someone who has a Costco membership and ask/bribe them to sign you up.
  6. My two eldest are at a reasonably priced boarding school (compared to the competition ). What I've noticed over the last 3 to 4 years, is an increase in the Nigerian kids attending. Why Nigerians in particular?
  7. What about teaching himself & just paying for the exam? http://www.edexcel.com/i-am-a/student/qualifications/pages/fees.aspx (don't seem to have the option of adding a link)
  8. It's for the old people. A fake hand pops out and hands them their cash.
  9. They won't be completely cashierless I'm sure. At least one real live human will be required to sort out the little computer gremlins. I always have a little laugh to myself seeing the obligatory elderly person withdrawing money via the cashier. Family members are going to have to step up to the mark & train their elders in the mysterious ways of online banking. Any front line bank employee who couldn't see this coming was being a tad naive. It'll be at trickle speed, however the job losses will still be considerable. I count roughly 10 visible bank employees in my local Barclays.
  10. I pay by the term. I assumed that was the norm. They could possibly find a cheaper school.
  11. Is there anything stopping the prime minister from putting an end to these excessive upper management salaries? I'm presuming his position makes him the top guy in the company & therefor in charge. How about something along the lines of, nobody in this company can earn more than me since I have the most responsibility, see my terms of reference if you disagree.
  12. I have a relative who is very young & has been fighting a brain tumour for 4 years now. The NHS has been excellent over all with regards his treatment so far. There has been the odd hiccup, however this has been down to the stupidity/laziness/unprofessionalism of the individual involved.
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