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  1. The best fold investnent is the physical gold. Goog fees to buying and selling gold here
  2. It seems to me, that gold has better upside potential, than silver.
  3. I trust only in the God. In the rest I prefer to communicate, read and analyze.
  4. It isn't my blog. And I'm not from Chine.
  5. Possibility to make money for igold nvestments seems to me doubtful, more likely possibility to reduce risks. Liked as it have written about http://goldvender.com/2009/07/06/why-buy-gold/
  6. "Mr Ash says the prices can outstrip the true value of gold - the ‘spot’ gold price - by 25 per cent even for the plainest coins. Rarer coins are sometimes bid up to an even higher premium. Mr Ash says you should check out the seller ratings, the full item description and the shipping fees." Is it not right?
  7. It is obvious, that they cannot cost exactly as much
  8. Gold coins cost much more, than gold of which they consist.
  9. Therefore to buy it is necessary today?
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