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  1. lolly as the site admin to upgrade you to enable private messaging
  2. Pippy We have received another quote from a differnt solicitor in Berlin - a lot cheaper than Pablo. Not sure what we will do yet Belfast 72
  3. thought ochel should have been looking after this
  4. Think its time for a meeting again. By the looks of it everyone has received the letter from Ochel re the bond. I think we need legal advice now Regards Belfast 72
  5. Which solicitor are you using for this? we are in the same boat as are a number of others in N Ireland. We are trying to identify a good solicitor to act on all out interests Belfast72
  6. a few people have mentioned a meeting - as we have still heard nothing i think that this is a good idea. any suggestions for time and place
  7. to tell you the truth i dont remember reading anything about a bond - will read the paperwork and get back to you
  8. mortgage was with dres until we switched - still heard nothing officialy from dr o. I have also emailed the solicitor and nothing either
  9. havent received a letter yet from them but would be reluctant to sign anything unless i got legal advice - do they mention Junes missing rent
  10. I received a phone call today from Ol** whe informed me that Dr O will send out a letter by the start of next week - He believes that there will be a reduced rent paid for the next few months - actual rent less property/management fee. This will be paid sometime between the 15th and 30th of each month until the current crisis is over. Hope to hear more next week Belfast 72
  11. So far I have been in Contact with Oleg S who has passed on some details. I have also emailed the solicitor to see if we can get some further info. We are currently waiting on more info from Dr O - so far we have not received May and doubt if June's will arrive. any more info I will pass it on. Did you change banks from Dres to All?
  12. In the same boat - no contact worth mentioning from Dr O.
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