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  1. This was emailed to me during the week: "Whilst this property may not fit your property requirements, we think this modern New York/Tokyo inspired apartment development in Belfast City Centre deserves a special mention. These quality apartments come with so many extras e.g. integrated kitchen appliances, chain reaction bicycle vouchers, dedicated first floor storage lockers, plus optional extras of a bespoke furniture package, corporate gym membership and a private parking permit at the NCP Dublin Road. Needless to say demand has already been strong. The development is due to complete in a matter of weeks and of the 58 apartments, only 2 of the two bedroom apartments remain available and 24 of the one bedroom apartments. With a bar/café planned for the ground floor area, everyone could have a Central Perk area to hang out in with their Friends…who wouldn’t love to do that? Who has been buying? Investors seeking property they can let to young professionals working in the City Centre. Parents buying for their children to live in as their first step out of the family home and as an investment in their future." Storage lockers....yay!
  2. Near dropped my coffee when I saw that was 190 grand!
  3. https://www.ulsterpropertysales.co.uk/47-dunlambert-drive-north-belfast-belfast/418640 Absolutely staggering. This was on around 18-24 months ago and sold at a last listed price of 137500. Have things gone crazy in the last 12 months?
  4. Recently took the plunge and bought in Newtownabbey after years fruitlessly looking in Cavehill. By venturing just six miles up the road we secured a detached property with a couple of receptions. In the end we did compromise on our preferred location but we're delighted with the property- although it hasn't snowed yet so ask me again in the spring! Newtownabbey wouldn't be for everyone but, for me, the key to enjoy living there is to be close to the M2. You've got the Express bus that takes you right into town in 15-20 minutes on your doorstep if you don't want to use the car, and as an extra bonus you don't have to go into Glengormley village. That's why I would rule out some of the lovely houses that come up around Greenisland, Old Carrick Road etc. The commute into Belfast is just a lot more hassle. Someone mentioned Jordanstown but for me there's nothing there bar a few nice walks so not for me. Newtownabbey also has good shops, leisure facilities and Cavehill within a few miles. On the purchase process if I can offer any advice, we found timing (so luck!) and the circumstances of the vendor is key. We secured our property for £25K less than the original advertised price and our final offer was accepted due to the circumstances of the vendor (divorced, already found another property). If you're renting and not in a chain, that remains a big advantage. Do not worry about the EA, if the circumstances/attitude of the vendor are correct you can still secure a reduction. So hopefully we've made the right decision and will be happy. Personally, now that the banks are lending again I think the crash is over and can only see prices remaining stable or increase steadily over the next few years. By waiting any longer, I feared my deposit would be eroded. You can only make a call at the time you call it, so hopefully it will work out well for us. But I shouldn't be property ramping on here! Thanks to everyone on the forum for their comments on here over the past few years and I hope all works out well for you in the future.
  5. Spring bounce? I noticed last year lots of sales in the spring. This year it appeared to be much more subdued (as mentioned in the UUJ report). Then again the properties on offer weren't really up to scratch as others have also mentioned above.
  6. All in all I don't think the asking prices in the better areas of nb ever got realistic, asking prices are high given the land registry survey. I am seein houses 60k above Rv that need work to modernise.
  7. Can only comment on North Belfast / Newtownabbey but like 2buy there is next to nothing happening. Lower end seems busy but I don't know where they are moving to as middle is stagnant
  8. Actually, I'm having difficulty finding a good house full stop. There's lots of rubbish out there which is almost w/o fail, well overpriced.
  9. Noticed recently new properties were coming to market with very aspirational asking prices but they appear to be sitting and are inevitably reduced - where the vendor is willing to drop that is. However, I'm having trouble finding a good one priced at RV (or thereabouts)
  10. Just noticed Property News has the price history on the stats link of a property. Happy days.
  11. I'll give it a try but it seems pretty ropey as you say.
  12. Great, though unfortunately the feature was removed before we started expressing opinions yesterday - since the last post on this thread was in 2013. Anyway, I've registered my disappointment and as I'm still viewing houses that are reduced and can't see the history I continue to find it frustrating.
  13. With respect PPP you did use the site to publicize enhancements and upgrades to your site. Do you not think it is then fair that the same thread can be used to discuss if people are disappointed with the removal of a useful feature at a later date? Which as far as I'm aware was unannounced.
  14. W/o getting into quoting private correspondence you did make a clear statement in regard to the attitudes of certain vendors and certain estate agents (of course not named) towards the price history feature. I am not sure why you logged on to only find that comment disagreeable. I was a lot more measured than opining you had "sold out" so I'm surprised you've picked up on my comment to be honest.
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