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  1. filled in. looks like more regulation is coming for private landlords in northern ireland.
  2. Just want to say i agree with you. The unskilled need unskilled work. The shipyard, semi skilled afctories like getty connections all provided work for unskilled people which are now on the dole. The work went to china IIRC. If the civil service cuts happen NI is finished.
  3. I see you took this quite thick after all. nevermind. carry on!
  4. Please don't take this the wrong way. I haven't bothered to read your comment history either, but what are you doing here?!?
  5. Good for you. Care to share how you managed to pay off your mortgage in 10 years?????.....
  6. thanks for that. i think i will gracefully give in. thanks for the help.
  7. That looks correct thanks for the information. gotta look for somewhere to live now! just BTW does anyone know if the protected deposit scheme applies here?
  8. Thanks for the reply . I have thought this all along but I'm in Northern Ireland. does anybody know if this still applies? i would imagine so.
  9. Hi, ive just come home to a letter asking me to leave my tenancy of 3 years in 3 weeks time. it doesnt seem to be any formal notice (s.21 as i have heard mentioned.) The letter was hand delivered through my door it seems. the LA has timed this 3 weeks as that is when my rent is paid to. lots of trust between us. im on a rolling periodic contract. I thought that it was required i be given 2 months notice from them? I am just thinking of firing a letter back stating that they should give me 2 months notice as required. is this correct?
  10. my letting agent want £75 admin fee for extending our contract for another six months. they have sent me a nice little form to fill out. if i forget to return this will i automatically go on to a periodic contract? havent rented for quite some years, i did not have to pay any fees to rent before. no credit check fee(£80 pounds each, one for me one for my wife!) and a £75 admin fee a\t the start of the contract, which was only 4 months ago. plus one months rent deposit. since then i have had 2 inspections. I hate the sight of the LA woman already.
  11. mcsavvys .l. had to google that
  12. ok, my house is now on the market. Everyone is telling me now that prices are not going to fall any more, and that im making a mistake! maybe i should have done this earlier, but i think i still have a chance now to get out, then wait for the crash, and buy back into the market . many thanks
  13. Home prices 'to rise 50% by 2011' http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/5187398.stm Monday, 17 July 2006
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