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  1. +1 except no tax rises, just salary freeze and change the rulesof schemes / close schemes / and change the redundancy agreements that give full pension on redundancy. What tripe. Deferred salary!!!! The salary rates in the Public Sector have been slowly increased over the past few years to private sector levels, or better. Freedom to make their own salary levels in Local Government, NHS, etc has seen a wage inflation and pension liability. We pay for this in our taxes. By the way it is not the green eyed monster, it is just the facts. I pay your salary and your pension. I do not want to see 30% of my council tax go in pension payments as it currently does. What! You say only 600,000! Why we get nothing more from them except poorer services and the Government have cut into the likes of the Inland Revenue so we get poorer service there too. If there have been significant cuts in some areas and we have +600k then we have paid redundancy payments and created many more than the 600k jobs you quote. All the jobs must be in paper pushing based in Scotland, NE England, or S Wales in order to keep unemployment in check in those areas. All with pensions that are based upon salary levels tha have increased over the past few years to levels that are the eqivalent, or better than the private sector. Public Sector pensions used to be the balance to lower salary levels, but not anymore. The balance needs to be made. You cannot have it all ways. Remember you are public servants and we pay your wages, SO we have an interest and a say.
  2. Many are saying 'during the fall' (U.S). Bob chapman is saying it will probably be around October. Anytime before xmas tho. Dollar trouble in the air, mortgage resets, stimulus package 1 running out, bond market trouble...take your pick really. The REAL economy is not recovering! Yes I think that we are not over the worst of recession. Come the autumn we will see further tighening of credit and falls in share prices as confidence slips away. I know of large businesses already planning for a very tough winter just like last year. Unemployment will continue its rise bringing further problems, but I do not see armageddon just yet. That is still to come when the Government of the day have to start making cuts in benefits, services, public sector pensions and public sector jobs. Some areas are so dependant upon the public sector that this may cause major social unrest and other problems associated with immigrants being targeted as the cause of our problems. Yes then the start of social meltdown which will bubble for the next few years before it blows up completely. Not a nice picture and if you add swine flu then I may as well wish you all a very merry Christmas now.
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