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  1. There is only a bubble in London and the South East - in most other areas prices are still below 2007 prices, seven years on. The likelyhood therefore is that any dramatic falls will be limited to London/SE.
  2. Bizarre that just 3 miles down the road from there houses are on sale for a million or more! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-37581289.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-36026263.html
  3. Scrap council tax and replace it with a local tax. Job done!
  4. You may well be correct, time will tell!
  5. Woolton is a much nicer area than the part of wavertree where L15 8HX is situated. Alas, property there is very expensive!
  6. I don't think you can call a 12% drop since 1999 amazing, whilst the DJI is up 15% since then.
  7. The house I'm looking at appears very spacious, although i'm not saying it's worth anywhere near the asking price!
  8. He couldn't have done a worse job than Osborne that's for sure!
  9. So even if house prices do drop they will still be unaffordable to most buyers!!
  10. I am considering the major ISA. What's the latest opinion on Santander? I understand that their british arm has ring fenced funding - is this true?? Thanks.
  11. They can f*** off. No one subsidises my house insurance because I live in a high risk area!!
  12. £200k sounds a bit high for the average mortgage, but then I would guess that most "typical" mortgage payers would be couples so that wouldn't be 5 times joint earnings.
  13. Well done Dave and Osborne, your policies are working SO well. Excessive austerity brings no growth equals more debt!!
  14. I think it's pretty much OK crime-wise around Molesworth. There are quite a few roads like that off Chelwood Avenue which have town houses like the one you found and they should be available at around £125k IMO (depending on condition of course). I've just looked on rightmove sold prices and one of the houses I mentioned in my last post (http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31103851.html) was actually sold in 2010 for £195k and in 2007 for £150k, so £220k is way over the odds! I sold a better house than this (4 beds, large kitchen/utility/en-suite) in a nearby road in 2009 f
  15. I used to live in this area, very close to Gregory Way and there are big variations in price depending on the individual road and degree of modernisation/extension of the property. These ones nearby make the house mentioned above in Glendevon for £140k look quite reasonable! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32648618.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31103851.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17951514.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31385842.html
  16. There are some bargains around after all!
  17. Clearly Labour got us into this mess, with some help from the global downturn. However, you don't need to be an economist to understand that you need to nurse a patient back to health, not pull the plug on the life support machine. If growth stalls, confidence drops and we get even deeper into debt. It's just common sense. And the Beeb is a fine institution - after all someone has to provide some balance against the right wing press.
  18. But it's little George who's balls'd up the economic growth..............
  19. It's not just 18% - the shits have put up my gas by more than 40% in the last 9 months! At the end of last year it went up by 10%. Last month the on-line tariff I was on finished, meaning another 15% rise, now followed by 18% next month. Time to move suppliers!!
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