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  1. DId a woman just say 36k over asking price??? her reason......we just had to have it!!!!
  2. It's also illegal to bounce a cheque in good old blighty - i think it's called fraud!
  3. Or this one http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23744254.html?minPrice=190000&maxPrice=210000&minBedrooms=4&pageNumber=2&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=/property-for-sale/Gloucester.html%3FminPrice%3D190000%26maxPrice%3D210000%26minBedrooms%3D4%26index%3D10 on for 250, rapidly reduce to oieo 200!!
  4. I think it was those great philosophers 'the beastie boys' who said you have to 'fight for your right to PARTY!!!!
  5. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27703421.html Caught my eye reduced from 175k to 75k?? desperation??? or sign of things to come??
  6. From the BBC Awful' The £175bn already announced for the quantitative easing programme will have been spent by next month, so the strength of the third quarter GDP number will be important in deciding whether to extend it. Indeed, at the Bank's current rate of spending, it is expected to have spent the whole £175bn in the next week. As the next Monetary Policy Committee meeting, at which quantitative easing decisions are taken, is not until 4 November, that would leave it with a week with no extra cash to pump into the economy. The figures were "awful with no positive news" according to James Knightley at ING. "This clearly suggests that the likelihood of an expansion in quantitative easing by £50bn or so over the next quarter is rising, although [it] is not a foregone conclusion." Petrol on a burning fire springs to mind??? Or even 'da S*** is going to hit the fan soon!!!'
  7. How did they fine them so little?? http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/gloucestershireheadlines/Estate-agents-rapped-green-laws/article-1436910-detail/article.html
  8. An estate agent friend of mine said pretty much the same thing - the housing market has died round our way!!! He owns his independent agent. He is loosing out to clients because other ea's are promising to get a higher price, he's stuck between a rock and that hard place.. One of his properties was on for 240 this time last year, and the vendor won't lower his price. After 2 fallen through sales because buyers couldn't get mortgage and a cash offer of 232500 which he turned down, 'cause the market is rising!' The vendor has now taken house off market!!!
  9. I'm also in Gloucestershire......lots of houses that have been on the market for 6 months + price not moved. Even worst is all the ea's leaving all their adverts online, with 'sstc' plastered across them. Surely if your buying a house, the house should off the market asap! Are they doing this to make their books look bigger?? its quite annoying. Jan 25 4pm <<<< is when the phase of the crash is coming (i havent got a clue - its just a guess)
  10. The horse walks off with a blood capsule in its mouth and gets subbed for desert orchid- oooo hang on a minute??
  11. The ship has sailed boys!!!!! Straight into that iceberg!!!!!
  12. It was on for 250 in dec dropped to 240 in march, and finally 230 in may....i offered 200 in july (no viewings apparently!) i'm prepared to go to 225...but trying to save a few pennies i've got 75% deposit with a mortage agreed ip I'm in bath area
  13. i never said the first offer was what i thought it's worth?? i said i made an offer 15% below asking...i was always prepared to go higher but i was just trying my luck 1st.....the worst they can say is NO to my 1st offer... Just don't like the EA tactics thats all??? Before you say dont buy now your'll get 2 houses for a pound next year!..... my circumstances are that i gotta move!! my first hand experience is that some EA's are a little dubious!!
  14. Thanks for all you thoughts......i was thinking about upping my offer but now.......i'll htink i'll hold out for a while
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