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  1. My family are showing no sign of believing house prices are or will be coming down. My mum's constantly telling me I should be looking to buy, house prices aren't going to fall, blah blah blah!! She's constantly going on about how my uncle and his partner have about 5 properties now blah blah blah!! Then after hours of telling her I'm not ready to buy, I believe prices will fall, and I don't want to swap the 3-bed semi i'm living comfortably in, for a 1 or 2 bed shoebox flat....I see my father-in-law (who's an IFA) and he says, "bout time you bought"....AARRGGHH!!!!!!! I normally have a sen
  2. You know they're gonna try that phone number....and some poor bugger in Bedford is gonna get a bit confused!
  3. News Release - Bank of England Maintains Interest Rates at 4.75% 4 November 2004 The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee today voted to maintain the Bank's repo rate at 4.75%. The minutes of the meeting will be published at 9.30am on Wednesday 17 November. Note to Editors The most recent change in interest rates was an increase of 0.25 percentage points to 4.75% on 5 August 2004.
  4. Aye it was...I read yesterdays compact on the train this morning and it was in there....In the Business section.
  5. I've been sure prices were dropping in my area, yet my next door neighbour has had his 3-bed semi on the market for over 6months and wouldn't drop his price. Then I just saw a woman outside sticking a "SOLD" sign up. So i've had a quick look on the Connells website and he'd put the asking price UP !!!!!!!
  6. Well my neighbour has now sold his house....AND.....He'd put the asking price UP !!!!! Asking price went up £2,495 and now he's sold it.
  7. Now got a few "home" papers to compare for the past couple of weeks. Lots of NEW Lots of NEW PRICE or REDUCED PRICE Lots of NO UPWARD CHAIN And looking thru and cross referencing there's a few that this week say New Price that last week said No Chain ! BTLers selling up ??????? My neighbour still aint reduced the price of his property tho....Been £162,500 for well over 6 months now...!!!!
  8. Hi all.... Had a quick flick through the local paper in St Neots and found there's a lot of "new" additions to the the estate agent listings. Not seen many "new price" or "reduced" signs yet tho.... One of my neighbours has had his 3-bed semi on the market for 6months now at £162,500...still not sold and it'd appear he's refusing to drop the price. I've only seen one couple come round for a viewing as well ! Will keep u posted. Chewy.
  9. "End in Sight".....these are the stages you missed..... 1 Summer lull 2 Kirsty says, "house prices won't crash!" 3 Healthy slowdown (we are now at this stage in London) 4 Kirsty says, "house prices won't crash!" 5 Normal correction 6 Kirsty says, "house prices won't crash!" 7 Recent price falls have temporarily put buyers off 8 Kirsty says, "house prices won't crash!" 9 Irresponsible media reports are delaying natural market recovery 10 Kirsty says, "House prices WILL NOT CRASH!!!!!!" 11 Meltdown... 12 Kirsty says, "Nope....not gonna crash....they're not...I'm SURE!!!!!!"
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