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  1. So rent it out for a while..... become the latest BTL landlord on the block
  2. Personally I wouldnt touch a tracker at the moment. Not unless it had zero exit cost. Id be looking for a 5-10 yr fix on a mortgage but I understand youre not looking to buy so ..... I dunno. The bank doesnt have any of my money, I just hold some of theirs at good interest rates these days. Not being facetious but have you thought to buy? Property - inflation hedge etc etc?
  3. Ok I'm still massively impressed. He rang the boys back in the lab and they got the sedimentary strata out and plugged the data into their cray alongside the sky news pictures of the rescues and maybe the raf winch camera footage. In fact Im even more impressed now I was just being sarcastic before.
  4. Ah-ha so thats what Hillary Benn was up to on the morning before he went up to cumbria..... checking through sedimentary rock strata.... wow theres more to these politicians than I ever knew.
  5. Could there be something to say for the fact that, given there was such a long gap between this recession and the last meaningful one, there is a significant slice of the adult population for whom this is their first recession and they have no memory of the doom mongering that is present in all the major recessions? I have noticed a lot of 20 somethings at work going off with stress and depression......
  6. I agree. Its infuriating to see the numptys who had armfuls of store cards and holidays in spain every year are to an extent off the hook but I am an engineer too and whilst I hold my hands up to not being an economist. I do see how the system was not far off a collapse that would have had much wider consequences than an HPC. The wrong people are indeed paying now. A fact that you yourself are testament to. We will all pay in the end, some a higher price than others.
  7. I agree, I reckon house prices will struggle meekly now for a couple of years. But with 60% equity at the nadir of the market, built up over the last doom laden decade and a fair few overpayments, I'm not too concerned. Dont get me wrong here, I think we have an ugly handful of years ahead of us. One can only try to position onesself facing into the storm (to coin a nautical phrase). Me I'm thinking a return to working in Holland or Germany might be in the offing for a year or 3. I see sterling taking a beating over the short to medium term and to start earning in euro would be a decent hedge against that. But the segment of this fine community who insist on expressing their conviction of the approaching armageddon will end up doing themselves a mischief .
  8. Yup, Ill shortly be remortgaging for a 10 yr fix. I think theres possibly cheaper deals to come in the next few weeks. The mortgage market seems to be getting competitive again. In here I'd say anyone on the positive side of the flatline is called a troll....
  9. +1 As someone with a modestly higher than average income who has avoided debt all through the last decade, I often wondered why I felt like everyone else was much better off than me... I foolishly thought that if it was all leveraged spend I was seeing around me then it'd be necessary for the piper to be paid eventually Seems like I was wrong on that score. We'll all pay back the leveraged irresponsibility of the past decade Its the biggest socialist policy the labour party ever had. Sharing the debt around us all ...... but what choice was there ...... banking collapse and feudal recovery thereafter.... Id rather take on my share of the other peoples debt than go down that road.
  10. Well obviously things are far from good, but thats why I'm a neither and not a bull. I dunno maybe I just have a naturally positive disposition... So sue me...
  11. Its that entertainment factor that keeps me around too
  12. Hey there AP . Top o' the mornin to you too I hadnt thought of you as one of the core doomsters though They know who they are
  13. Dont the doomsters on here ever get embarrased about being this guy? Lets face it. If you were all shorting the market based on your apocalyptic predictions down the years youd be in the poorhouse by now. In 2003, having bought a house a couple of years previous to that, I used to look at this site and get oh so worried. I guess this site attracts the sandwich board fraternity but come on.... six years later and were still doomed but not doomed till next year???
  14. For me neither means small measures of either
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