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  1. I owe Amex about 8,000 US dollars @ 0% until December, berfore which, I will completely pay it off. Sold in 2005. I sleep well at night, at least from a financial point of view.
  2. Condominiums in America are like flats in Britain - only usually much larger. The market had been rising since 2003 and speculators, tempted by glossy advertising, rushed to buy as prices soared 25 per cent a year. Florida property consultant Jack McCabe said: "Out of staters and foreigners, especially the British, flocked here and pushed the market to the point where about 70 per cent of all sales were to investors who never intended to live in what they were buying." The market reached its peak in late 2005 when some developers were forced to hold lotteries because they had so many buyers after the same properties. Now the bubble has burst, investors are being forced to dump them. Some bought five or six units, obtaining attractive mortgages with low interest starting rates for about two years. http://www.*******.com/2r5tcn Thought I'd put this out there. (OUT it goes!) Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Not intended as investment advice, racial attack or any other interpretation barring good INGSOC humor. Mileage may vary.
  3. There's always such a lack of numbers and statistics on this board. I wonder what the land registy numbers tell for each area with regard to sale prices. Not that they'd be accurate anyway.
  4. http://thehousingbubbleblog.com/?p=2213#comments
  5. "House prices have fallen for the first time in 15 months on an annual basis, suggesting that inflation in the housing market has reached a plateau, according to the FT house price index published on Friday." Yes, falling prices are always indicative of a plateau....
  6. It took me so long to reconcile what you were saying to to elucidate the fact that my sister is losing her job. It's going to India. I tried to tell her to sell her house last year to no avail. Good thing she'll never read this. Thanks for the space, guys. Good night and may God bless.
  7. If I were you, I'd seriously consider buying. Your children have suffered enough for now. Moving every year is hard on kids, as they never get to make permanent friends. However, if renting is more economically feasible, you'd be better off renting from a more stable landlord and/or price rent increases into your decision ahead of time, if you do decide to rent again. I can sympathize. I've been renting for 2 years from stable landlords and we expect to continue. But it's not something that the kids have to think about. At least I have my fingers crossed!
  8. Anectdotally, in the US, we seem to be experiencing DEFLATION at the momet. All I see is lower prices here, on petrol, food, clothes, department stores, commodities, houses, etc. The only thing that seems to be going up at this point is the stock market and Medical insurance.
  9. Well, interestingly enough, if rents are higher than mortgage payments, one is supposed to buy.
  10. Plus the fact that in the upper floors, the beams were coated with an inferior fire retatdant because the Environmental Protection Agency had out lawed the use of aspestos for such an application. Thusly, the beams of the upper floors were left somewhat unprotected to intense heat. I really don't want to watch yet another nutcase's video about the WTC' demise, but I will, anyway. By the way, has the government bombed your metro again lately? "Why does the whole floor have to give way at the same time. Progressive collapse does not have to start with a synchronised failure." It doesn't, which is why, if you watch the videos, you will see that one of the towers came down crookedly. I would suggest reading a physics textbook from beginning to end.
  11. How much would it cost you to walk away from the deal? How much would it cost to walk away from the deal if house prices went down even just 10 percent? It sounds as if the seller knows that you are a polit upright person and they are taking advantage of you. All the professionals are eyeing the US market slump with very nervous eyes. Give us a figure to work with. About how many pounds would you lose?
  12. For some reason I can't quite figure out, authentic information seems never to be readily available, despite the fact that there is the government run house price statistics available- I forget the name of it. Perhaps it's because people are so good at the language that anything can be purported, seemingly with validation, that the truth is impossible to discern. This is my best guess! Bla, bla, bla
  13. Spot on, except they form a large minority, I fear. not a small one. And then, I think it's important to consider the fact that if the non-terrorist-supporting population of Muslims really didn't approve of their facist/killer cousins, there would be a stop put to this nonsense, wouldn't there?
  14. So what are you going to do? Attack yourselves? Today's terrorrists in question are British subjects.
  15. ...which is why this site would be moderated if it were a seroius one.
  16. Truer words were never spoken! Please pass the popcorn and do let's enjoy the show!
  17. It won't be easy, but we must not give up hope. Righteousness will prevail eventually.
  18. Yes, sir. I agree. I like your posts. Always have. However: Buy Low Sell High! (Buy in the dips- this is not a dip) Kissies you ugly MF!
  19. Sell, baby sell! SELL! The crash is already here in the US. It's coming to a theatre near you! Sell!
  20. "Promptly inform the police if you lose your card or it becomes defective, or you will have committed a criminal offence and face a fine and/or up to 51 weeks imprisonment." Read 1984 by George Orwell. He was so right. but 50 years premature. This is all Newspeak garbage. Wake up England! Damnit! No means of self defense, no right to speak out, no right to address grievances against the government.... how much can you take? "Don't get me wrong I am a fighter (quite literally sometimes wink.gif ), but the average man walking down the road will no longer challenge a situation because he knows that he will be on his own. Intelligence & a few stern words will not stop a mob of 15 teenagers attacking someone." You all should have thought of that before you let the facists (Liberals/Democrats in the US) take your rights to keep guns away. Now it's too late. Enjoy your helplessness. Of course the chavs are going to rob and kill you. Duh! What did you think would happen? What were you thinking?
  21. Well, thankfully, the low short-term interest environment is finished for the time being. So say good-bye to the housing market. As for your recent purchase, good luck with that! You'd better be ready for a LONG stay, 'cause you ain't gonna be able to sell it for a LONG time!
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