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  1. He really did have some great replies. I missed him when he stopped posting, frankly. But then, where have all the bulls gone? TTRTR, please come back and tell us how you are doing!
  2. Many folks here even today can't tell you that it was a poster whose name was time to.......
  3. I disagree. I think the UK has a lot to offer in financial services, and higher quality than the rest of the world has to offer. One doesn't have to have a major industrialization base to maintain an economy, though it's a good idea to do so in tandem. As long as people have confidence in these services, everything will go well, which is why it's of the utmost importance to root out corruption in the financial markets, and to show the world that this has been accomplished.
  4. No, raising interest rates in a recession is the worst thing to do.
  5. I think people and institutions may be selling gold to raise cash to pay bills. Cash is king at this time. People are desperately trying to settle accounts, so the jewelry and any bullion goes first. The rise in gold may come when this trend is exhausted, is my best guess. Who the heck knows what will happen next. Supply seems to be non-existent according to anecdotal reports, so the price should go up; however, the increases may have already been priced in in the last year, so prices may stabilize. Really I have no idea.
  6. The moderator has a book coming out on Jan 9th, inauguration day about Obama, her clear choice. The Liberal MSM has failed to get that fact across, obviously, which is why she stated that she was not going to answer the questions in the way that the moderator wanted. Read the New York Post. (.com) I thought she won the debate by a fair margin.
  7. Yes, but there are few such loans. It's a downward spiral. You may be able to slow it down for a while, but it will be persistent in lower values. Property and business values will continue to fall in the next 5 years. Plead as you may, the fundamentals will not allow the majority of businesses in the UK or thew USA or the "West" in general to make a healthy profit. Unpleasant but true.
  8. The beeb is far left, no? Do you have any right win choices where you are?
  9. So could you explain in layman's terms exactly what OTC derivatives are? Thanks very much.
  10. Can't remember when or why to save my life. Probably an internet search of the "housing bubble" . Or perhaps it was suggested on www.patick.net/wp or www.thehousingbubbleblog.com. Who knows?
  11. Please note date of join up. Do any of you unarmed "men" ahem, care to comment? Injin? Where are you? I love this board, but there are limits to my tolerance. Since you are all totally disarmed, what are you going to do if even the lowly Spaniards decide to invade your country, let alone the Russians? Shall we lend you guns again?
  12. The expected crickets "chirp, chirp" from the sheeple. How Orwellian! Gadzooks!
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rAsoLm1Ges You are already completely disarmed. Very sad. Best of luck. Once again!
  14. But that's what tells you something. If Bush was really as bad as you think he was, wouldn't he be advocating the disarmament of his people?
  15. Quite amusing. Shall I become a banker now then?
  16. Tiiiiimberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Please stand clear of the closing doors. Ding Dong!
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