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  1. Should have been done in 2006. I'm quite surprised that it didn't. Any theories as to why it hasn't already happened?
  2. So not true. Deflation is now taking hold big time. Been to dep't store sales or at the petrol pump lately? Huge discounts. Housing prices are now falling, so it's a good thing for the person quoted in the article. His/her time has (nearly) come. Of course He/she could wait a bit longer for even more bargains.
  3. I've been reading this site and it's American cousin www.thehousingbubbleblog.com for what, three and a half years? Sure saved me a ton o' cash since I STR'd in Dec 2004. Here in the States, the crash is on going. Manhattan is the last to fall. London and Manhattan will go down together. Gloat? a little, but if the banks collapse, I'll be just as poor as anyone else, I'm afraid.
  4. Thank you very much for that. I've been reading her blog for about 2 hours now. I always enjoy your posts here as well. You have a unique perspective that inspires my curiosity. Thanks again!
  5. Wonderful! I've heard them all! I was here! I recall pondering all of these possible scenarios, but what has happened is that none of them will be true. It's very interesting. Tragic, but interesting. now, because of all these irresponsible dreamers ad schemers, we have to deal with an imploding world wide economy, which I didn't bargain for- all I wanted was a house in a good area I could afford!
  6. You can live in your car, but you cannot drive you house!
  7. Although there are errors and simplifications, it's not too bad an illustration.
  8. Oh yes, of course, the big, bad USA. English banks would never have taken on such risk at 7 times annual income were it not for the big bad USA.
  9. I cannot emphasize enough how wise it would be for the United States and the UK to emulate the Japanese reaction to their popping bubble circa 1990. It was, as most can agree, an orderly downturn. House prices will go down, yes, but we do not want a complete and total rapid deceleration of economic activity. Or do we?
  10. No, the inflationistas have lost. It's clear now that the deflationistas are the winner in those debates. Deflation, deflation, deflation. No amount of government bailouts will curb it. Lower prices for everything. Cash is king. Finally.
  11. No more bail out for these idiotic companies that could not read the capital letters written quite clearly on the wall!
  12. I initially read the name as Clark Kent. For those of you younger than 40, Clark Kent is .....Superman!
  13. OMG! A gold thread! I think cash is king and gold will go to US$ 450 an oz. And I'm a gold bug! Still, I only own about 20 oz, but I'll just keep it to see what happens. At least I haven't lost my shirt in the stock market! BTW, what ever happened to Libetina?
  14. Sounds like the perfect prole hang out to me. I'd love to visit it.
  15. It occurs to me that none of you has seen the message I've got. I got a message that says that only people in the UK can view the video. That is the first time I've ever seen anything remotely like that. Personally, I find it quite disturbing. I could show you by link, but you would probably not get that message over the screen. What it means is that there is increasing control over the internet, the very source of all of our unbiased information. Quite disturbing IMPOV.
  16. I'm not allowed to see the video, as I'm not in the UK. What kind of Big Brother kind of shit is that? Please help yourselves! We're tapped out and cannot rescue you anymore. Grow some balls for God's sake! Good Luck! ( The NRA will no longer lend you any guns as they did in WWII.) (Look it up... if you're still "allowed" to)
  17. Gee, I wonder how that happened? Who paid your way?
  18. I think you are quite right. I can't see how financing is going to be as freely available as it was.
  19. Perhaps it's just that foreclosure and shortsales count as sales, but not as comps, mind you.
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