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  1. IIRC, the problem was that Germany had to pay its war reparations with foreign currencies, which is different from the current situation, at least in the USA, where dollars are owed in, well, dollars, not foreign currencies. I have no idea which or what currencies English debts are owed in. Take note.
  2. I think it's fairly obvious that house prices in the UK will collapse from here on in. What with the job losses and such. Correct me if I'm wrong! Best of luck out there!
  3. It would be advisable to jump in with both feet then.
  4. If you're a millionaire looking for a business opportunity, this might be a good opportunity to get your foot in the door...
  5. Seems you've been watching this property for a while. Unless you absolutely love it and are sure that your job is secure, if that applies, then it might be a good decision. That being said, with the crash in world wide trading, if I were you I'd wait a bit longer. I feel certain that prices are going to go much lower from here on in in England. The crash has really just started around London, New York and other major financial cities. In short, I would wait, but we do need what we call "knife catchers" to set the new comps. In any case, best wishes!
  6. Take Switzerland, for example... They are armed to the teeth. No Nazi walk-ins there, now were there?
  7. Ah! Someone who gets it! So refreshing! Sorry if this is a double post. I'm not on my computer.
  8. And the same to you, my friend. And thank the Lord for all we've received. Happy Christmas!
  9. Happy Christmas to all! And to all a good night!
  10. Unfortunately, the UK is next in line, it would appear. Is any country immune?
  11. It's such a shame that the sheeple don't listen. They only listen to the tele, unfortunately, and the tele only reports news after it's already a fait accompli. So sad for all the people who are losing their shirts now. I've met many. They didn't even ask me how I knew what was going to happen. Sad, sad, sad.
  12. Have patience! Sensible prices are coming your way! Look at all the job losses and banking problems! Prices are sticky on the way down. Not at all! You are a first time buyer. They need you, not the other way round. Take a year or two and clean up your credit score, if need be. Save more of a down payment to be an even stronger buyer. In two or three years, sellers are going to be drooling over your financial strength in a desperate market. (Disclaimer: NOT investment advice, merely my opinion) If I were in Las Vegas or Florida, I might be tempted to buy at this point, but New York and London are still in the early stages of the housing crash, IMHO. In any case, best of luck!
  13. All agents say that. It's an automatic response, whether true or not. How can you tell when an agent is lying? When their lips are moving! I'd advise you not to let on about what your offer is going to be until after a viewing. And dodge questions about your finances. It's really none of their business! Just say that you have a down payment, a job and a good credit score. Underestimate your annual salary a bit, so they don't get to take advantage of you, etc. Less is more! (information) Be friendly, but don't trust them. They are certainly not looking out for you. But most importantly, I would wait until 2010, to see how this collapse pans out. If rents go down, and landlords are begging for clients, you are going to kick yourself for taking on so much responsibility and illiquidity needlessly.
  14. I find your posts fascinating, even if I don't always agree. Lots of fun.
  15. Try this search engine, which includes results from several search engines: www.dogpile.com (I avoid goo... because of their appeasement of the Chicoms in censoring websites.) I see Goo... as anti-freedom of information and a virtual monopoly. They have too much power, I say.
  16. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what they all say.
  17. "Most of this money will never be repaid and that is inflationary, hugely inflationary infact. But what is by far and away the greater evil in this story is the realisation that there are just too many of us for this planet. In the future you are unlikely to be rich as there is a global oversupply of human beings. Labour is now cheap, skills are cheap and they will stay that way until many of you die. The outlook today is that most workers will become poorer over their lives!" So, is that inflationary or deflationary? I would think the latter.
  18. Alright, you're not fooking retards, but you are fooking gobutits. Is that better? Come out, come out, wherever you are...... It's late.
  19. Means testing? Well, that's what you morons get for voting for liberals and socialists. Next thing you know, you'll be wondering (again!) where you're fooking weapons are when the enemy invades. I swear, you guys are fooking retards.
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