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  1. Bravo! I was quite surprised by the outcome; hoping for a Brexit, but not actually expecting one.
  2. Test.... Hi HPCers! There seems to be both inflation and some deflation going on here in the US.
  3. Oh, and by the way, I've just passed my sixth year anniversary on this board! Wow! Where does the time go? Thanks to everyone here for saving my financial #ss! I still remember "Time to Raise the Rents" (TTRTR). I'm still renting! But things are getting worse, so I don't think it's wise to buy now anyway.
  4. Test. It's been a while. In any case, estate prices here in NY have been descending, but not quickly. It sems to be a slow grind down, despite the headlines.
  5. in =on OK I'll go back to bed! Happy Easter! Hic!
  6. I owe about $1200 on a Citibank credit card. That's it. My highest was an 80K loan for a house, which I sold in 2005, and thank the Lord, too! Good timing for Long Island!
  7. Hi! I still don't dismiss Cgnao's (former?) position. After all these years, I thought the inflation/deflation debate would have been settled long ago by now. So now I'm roughly (75/25%) in fiat and Gold, respectively. This is what I call diversification.
  8. Thanks for the video link. It was very good. I wonder how the Icelandic stock market is doing? It would be interesting to see if it has gone up or down with the advent of inflation, devalued currency or what have you.
  9. Ya know, you guys is so open to bullsheet. There ain't no way commercial props are gonna weigh in at above 2007 prices for years! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! So now we gonna see anotha SECOND wave of defaults, big time. The big banks ah gonna take anotha BIG hit real soon. Enjoy goin down, ya know what I'm sayin?
  10. Yes, I'm one of those. I have a unique strategy: buy high and sell low.
  11. Here's a suggestion: Take your 25K in investments and add it to the down payment. That will give you a 60K mortgage. Take out a 30-40 year fixed mortgage with no pre-payment penalties (important!), your monthly nut will be lower in the case of under employment. Then take the extra savings and plow it back into prepaying the mortgage in a few short years. Presto! In 8 or 9 years, you will be free and clear.
  12. There is a direct connexion between the physical and the collective agregate awareness. Just as tides ebb and flow, so does the entirety of human awareness. What I'm saying is that homeostasis is the eventual result of all imbalances, as seen inthe correction of excesses. Perhaps I've had a few too many libations and it's time to go meditate. In any case, it's clear to me that the physical world is merely a manifestation of the trascendental intelligence, or the intelligence of the universe, if you willl. BTW, always love your posts. Very refreshing.
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