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  1. Wow awesome, that's a sure sounding rock solid decision making strategy. Is that a new concept or is that how you got us where we are today 😕 😖?
  2. Gove put in charge of Housing (props) and Leveling-Up lol. Good luck to all the wanna be FTBers out there.
  3. Now let's see, who's got the least amount of $hit staining that the public can remember... reshuffle my good fellow.
  4. Sadly we're mostly British, so we'll just roll over and take it up the ar$e, again and again.
  5. Also noticeable the way the media have largely failed to mention the 1.25% the employer pays on top of the employee paying 1.25%, so there goes a chunk of next years pay increase. Obfuscated taxes, gotta luv em.
  6. In other news: This Is What They Voted For: Top 5 Brexit Crises This Autumn. Truth To Power
  7. Something is niggling me about the "emergency" way the 1.25% NI tax increase policy was rushed through parliament into law may have more motivation toward reducing the impact of UK wage inflation than all the other guff put forward as a 'plan', especially the way that NI captures so many of the work force. Whats the REAL plan, cause there's no plan for Social Care here yet? Edit: Seems I missed a few threads and was late to the party. Tax Hike will lead to BoE keeping IR low and QE going thread. Continue.
  8. That's pretty optimistic, I don't think we'll need to wait anywhere near that long. The evidence of the negatives is coming to light daily and we are yet to identify any real upsides for the many, instead of witnessing the great Unicorn genocide.
  9. Its not really a news channel and despite backers spending significant cash is has viewings that of an average ammature YouTube channel. But if you want a Fox news like experience crossed with various Loose Women chat shows for festering Brexiteer n right wing nut-jobs, the channel broadcasts on Freeview 236 or there's a dedicated App to stream (I've not used). Rule Brexitainia... Brexitainia rules!
  10. To add, that when I read "...for my new business show on GB News which launches this week", that pretty much destroys any journalistic integrity that Liam Halligan might have had. Gammon Brexit News, the channel so $hit that even its cheerleader Andrew Neil now avoids like it was something nasty he stepped in. Roll up, roll up, get your Dog whistles and meat right here!
  11. Hmm: https://newfinancial.org/brexit-the-city-the-impact-so-far/ (April 2021)
  12. Na, just caught Fartrage's latest YouTube advert, has him claiming that all the price rises are due to central bank money printing.
  13. Sorry the Tory's sold off the branch lines to their city chums long ago, to funnel debt mountains of printed money to poor into slap dash new builds for the BTL slave box empires. HPI forever enit!
  14. What a successful trick! If you see the mainstream media in the UK as left leaning then your political compass requires a significant re-calibration.
  15. Zero Covid buys time to develop treatments, has better health and economic outcomes... but despite the evidence you'll often hear: "it'll never work" or "its too difficult, not possible from were we are, so phuck it".
  16. Ah subtle, I found the problem with that statement for Brexiteers, its highlighted in red for you. lol. MikkyD's milkshake shortages on Channel4 News now... lack of HGV drivers, 100k short, only going to get worse... its due to COVID and Brexit and HGV driver salaries... Edit: don't worry, the gov't are on the case (but with no solutions).
  17. So what? The guy doesn't like the Euro as a currency construction with respect to the age old problems of north/south economic imbalances (which the UK was never a part of), he says nothing about leaving the the SM and CU and all that comes as a result of doing so.
  18. Hmm, what, not like quoting your own forum posts in full without comment. Fat finger?
  19. By the USA with 'a coalition of the willing'? 😜 Sounds all to familiar, they need a new enemy so yes probably, too bad there's no oil.... hmm.
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