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    *** Where's my fecking UNICORN! ? ***

    Forced home owner (2013 debt slave) 40+ FTBer with young family. Why am I here? Still got principles and I'm very angry about it!

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  1. Don't think the American's will be too happy about that, unless its just public gesturing or he'd be dead by now.
  2. Sounds like you have the in depth knowledge and understanding of the media driven narrative on how this conflict arose and how it should end.
  3. That was good to see, Johnson was totally blown away 😫, torpedoed and then some 😈.
  4. Have we massed our troops on the border yet? Remember, the EU only responds to power, any weakness and they'll walk all over us! Oh damn it, that's propaganda for the other European enemy... 🤔 😜 Take back control, we hold all the cards. Perfect, another BoJo distraction with another (trade) war. Genius, operation save big dog, going to out last both Starmer and Rayner at this rate.
  5. Doesn't matter, China has all new airports, railways, power grids... cities, global resources (eg. Africa). All built with printed money from the west. Look around the US/UK... its pretty $hitty last century and in decay by comparison.
  6. Apparently I missed a meeting. Those soldiers that were reported as wiped out on the first day of fighting at Snake Island (that were martyred in propaganda and merchandising) are still alive.
  7. Yep, from the British Empire cut down to Little England, ruled by a corrupt bunch of swivel eyed nationalists.
  8. Warning: You may experience some disruption within this echo chamber... The Pope is critical of NATO/US motivations regarding Ukraine:
  9. Another false choice will await us. Don't worry, the red ties won't change anything of substance, the baton can be safely handed over now and there will be no media regulation since it was the Corbyn era manifesto that threatened to rein them in. All policies of real change will be conveniently dropped.
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