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  1. Have the Brexit folk that thought they were being patriots realised they have actually helped our enemies divide, weaken and defeat our union from within... yet? Real upsides to speak of... just one, anyone?
  2. It's much worse than that, when adjusted for inflation £5 in 2008 is +£7 in 2021, then add the cost to purchase the stock to the national debt and financed for the past 13 years, plus administration costs... Probably required a selling price of 900p to break even on the deal, which means a much bigger actual loss to the UK workers that do pay taxes.
  3. Widespread political ignorance and illiteracy: Fred from Hartlepool on LBC saying he voted Conservative because they had given the town 9 foodbanks whereas there were none when LAB were in power. More: WATCH: Voters in Hartlepool say they voted Tory because of NHS and police cuts https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/video-hartlepool-voters-tory-labour-jill-mortimer-268639/
  4. Norway's opinions regarding the CFP is irrelevant here, a distraction from the trade barries and problems created by the reality of the Tories Brexit Trade Reduction Treaty. July 2017: Fisheries are one of the most important economic sectors in Norway. While in contrast the sector only has marginal economic significance in the UK, “taking back control of UK waters” is politically a charged topic in the UK. Brexit will affect the economic interaction between Norway, the UK and the EU in catching, managing, raising and selling fish in a number of ways. kluge.no/fagforum/brexit-and-norwegi
  5. Worse than tragic, Brexit enables Norway to take back control of their fishing waters and still sell Cod to the UK 🤦‍♂️:
  6. Well, I postal voted, for local councils and police commissioner... first time I spoiled all my papers with "False choice!"
  7. lol Tory donors ‘approached to pay for Boris Johnson’s nanny’ - reports An unidentified Tory MP received a complaint from a supporter who has been asked to pay for a nanny for the one-year-old, according to the Sunday Times. The donor reportedly told the MP: “I don’t mind paying for leaflets but I resent being asked to pay to literally wipe the prime minister’s baby’s bottom.”
  8. I don't know, it depends if you what to split hairs about the presentation of the data. UK 68m, 127k dead, ~1870/million population. USA 330m, 590k dead, ~1776/million population. EU 450m, 700k dead, ~1555/million population. (using the approximated graph posted)
  9. The smell from this gov't is going to require more than a few hundred Chinese ventilators at 3x the price (that now either lay broken down or just remain unfit for purpose):
  10. No.10 probably wheeled out Truss today thinking that most of the surfs would confuse the name with Trust in the headlines. You can Truss it mi know!
  11. Democracy relies upon having an informed educated electorate. Yet the UK voters rejected and failed to support media reform as defined in both the Labour, LibDems and Green Party 2019 manifestoes. Probably because they didn't know about this from our controlled media outlets. Election 2019 manifesto pledges on media reform: ...research by the Media Reform Coalition (2019) thatshows that just three companies dominate 83 per cent of the national newspaper market (up from 71 per cent in 2015). https://www.mediareform.org.uk/blog/election-2019-manifesto-pledges-on-media-reform-whats-in-and-
  12. Good news? Your posting on the wrong forum mate. Millions vaccinated, thousands less dead, paa! what about a few of hundred dead from side effects 🤦‍♂️😜 another useful big pharma shill. i jest
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