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  1. Thanks. Interesting and lower price, better than many of the other indoor units I'd considered. There's a lot to consider with AC setups, it wasn't easy to find a fair priced local domestic installer, when their money is in commecial with rolling service contracts. Had to go with a simple unit and brand that the installer was able to supply and install. Can't really recommend over the mirriad of other setups on the market, other than it works as expected.
  2. I thought the first wave was going to last longer, it might yet... working from home etc. Had a room fitted with an indoor/outdoor unit a week before lockdown. In a rush and cost ~£2k for the main bedroom install. Plus up to 15p per hour electricity and ongoing annual maintenance. Max consumption up to 1kW for heat pump to provide 3.5kW of cooling heat transfer (with a dehumidifyer). Used quite a few evenings this year already 😉. Edit: 3.5kW is approx 12000 BTU
  3. Both Tory and Labour. A bit long and boring unless genuinely of interest, here's the tip ot the iceberge: The Lobby P4: The Takedown Under cover investigations: https://www.aljazeera.com/investigations/thelobby/ Joan Ryan MP quits Labour: https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/asa-winstanley/joan-ryan-mp-who-fabricated-anti-semitism-quits-labour Galloway on Sky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd-4HGptPgs&feature=youtu.be&t=161
  4. If referring to the interfearance with (the so called) UK democracy, with a like for like analysis, in reality it would be insignificant when compared to what the USA/Israel have been up to for many years. But they are considered to be our friends???
  5. Hmm, just like the virus is fizzing out in sunny Brazil. Though I expect there is some effect, the weather doesn't appear to impact the airbourne transmission rate as much as regular flu.
  6. Brazil looking like a hot zone, are they following the Swedish, Iranian or UK delayed reactive model? As previously indicated, the hot sunny weather is not having much impact, much like as seen in Ecuador.
  7. Likely to be some instances or maybe more than ballanced by the lack of alcohol related deaths and road traffic acccidents etc. Even if you over estimate to knock off a large margin of 10% compensation and the numbers of excess deaths are still very bad.
  8. +1 Yep, truly pittiful UK gov't approach, which is a very visible embarrassment seen right across Asia. Failed to contain with test/trace/isolate. Moved to lockdown too slowly. Very ill prepared health care system. Failed to adequtely lockdown for too long. Missinformed public. Moved early to exit the failed lockdown. +50,000 COVID-19 related deaths and trashed economy. Now what? Predict a 2nd wave incomming in 4 weeks... FFS sheeple.
  9. At least some of the media are trying to hold the gov't (or lack of) to account. Piers Morgan “Boris Johnson DOES NOT make sense” Piers Clashes with Andrew Bridgen over Boris Johnson's Lockdown Exit Plan Piers Morgan SHOUTS over Dominic Raab, Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock
  10. Endtimers and Preppers... buy 0% yielding physical gold (and pray for no deflation).
  11. I guess some people won't be happy until 0.2m, 0.5m are dead, so phuckit, let it rip. Then they can just deny the figures as of course "most of them would have died anyway...", as we all will in the long run, so no matter. The implementation of the UK's soft lockdown was a failure of test/trace/isolate and quarantine control of people across our borders in the first place (in February 2020). Because the UK's soft lockdown has failed to fully supress the virus transmission, partlty because it is too soft, resource planning for PPE and vulnerable group shielding has failed to be properly implemented. The success of the lockdown is that the transmission rate has been partialy supressed but at this level of lockdown it will take months to get us back to February's position, when test/trace/isolate will be a viable management strategy of the transmission rate. The gov't is pretty much screwed from here. Lots of dead already, lots more to come and a wrecked economy.
  12. In othe news : Warren Buffett dumps US airline stocks, saying 'world has changed' after Covid-19 Hmm...
  13. Seems a little short sighted that we can't prep for food in advance of a 2 or 3 week strict social distancing. Wouldn't be full proof but would have saved a lot of time and money. Anyway, unless the test/trace/issolate strategy maintains manageble infection rates then give it a couple of months and the UK (along with western Europe) will be implementing sharp lockdowns to supress wave 2.
  14. Such problems could be managed and mitigated in various ways.
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