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  1. The article also says: London December 12 2020: FT survey of banks and asset managers finds employment shift to EU is yet to happen... “This has not happened. Why? Because these things take time.”
  2. Yes good point, what about NI... doing the EU hockey cockey whilst being sadled with Westmonster.
  3. Wow, that's one way of changing the balance of trade deficit numbers, can we chalk this one up as a Brexit upside? ⚖️ ...He said it was “absolute carnage out there” trying to get EU hauliers to come to Britain, because they underestimated the gravity of the financial guarantees, known as T1s, that now apply to goods being exported to the UK. A truck with a £200,000 cargo would need cash or a T1 financial guarantee document for £40,000 in VAT alone, he said, a significant burden for transport companies with multiple trucks going to the UK....
  4. > 50 deaths in VAERS, true no. 5000 deaths. Might only be ~100. In the short term I guess we will know more if the death rate starts to fall and the vaccines continue to roll out at pace (with respect to demographic profiles). Longer term, we don't have enough data, to be fair, for both the virus or the vaccine.
  5. Interesting long shot... so what is the approximate percentage breakdown of deaths from the Vaccine compared to the virus infection?
  6. So now you correlate high vaccine roll out with the UK's high death rate. lol
  7. I think you highlight your problem with perspective and risk assesment between the Vaccine and the Disease. Based on current data so far anyway, though I wold like to see more data per Vaccine over a longer time frame.
  8. As oppossed to long term injuries and these additional survival odds after infection are taken into consideration? : COVID-19: Nearly a third of coronavirus patients were readmitted to hospital within 140 days, study suggests. Within an average time of 140 days, 29.4% of people had been readmitted to hospital and one in 10 (12.3%) had died. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-nearly-a-third-of-coronavirus-patients-were-readmitted-to-hospital-within-140-days-study-suggests-12190897
  9. There seems to be a whole lot that the UK has lost but after much searching I am not able to define what the UK has won. Can you generally define both sides of the win/lost account?
  10. 45 years of experience in UK/EU fishing trade says: lol like happened on this thread "...but you must stop talking about it!" at 1hr 46mins
  11. Its going so well, only knee deep in dead unicorns, drenched in their scent of project fear. An upside being as I'm thinking of taking advantage of all those Brexit opportunities, like starting an export business, if it wasn't for all that new red tape...🤔 Anyway, back to it.
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