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  1. Disappointing really. I was expecting a firmware update to the MayBot for the big surprise today but no, same old time wasting tactics. Clearly the big reveal was a confirmation that there is no plan B . Edit: TBH plan A was a bit of a wing and a prayer at the last minute.
  2. Sure, do a hard brexit / managed WTO. Fine with me also (as a remain and reformer). I just don't want to pay for it! The cost is too high, both financially and territorially, as it will likely break up the UK. What is to gain, where is the up side? If we could restructure the House of Commons, replace FPTP for a workable Proportional Representation... we never needed to leave the EU for such things. Edit: We need a basic level of education in political reality.
  3. The paradox around these parts is that most of those people have been voting Tory since the 80s after Maggie started to sell them assets they already owned. The rebirth of "I'm alright Jack" and "it was the Sun that won it!", which remains the same to this day.
  4. Yeah, that's me smiling LOL.
  5. Really? Total denial. Hey, remember me?
  6. Hmm, no thanks. Edit: The data is a bit old and the graph base should start at zero but:
  7. Ah ha, I think you have a place where like minded patriots such as yourself would be welcome.
  8. I suspect the Tories will be fine about a 2nd ref if they are seen to have been forced into a 2nd ref by Labour+Co. One reason why Labour is also resistant.
  9. Agreed, it's the only way to fully legitimise a way forward, the least worst bad tasting action. Unless May's surprise can yield a valid escape route. Pretty unlikely based on her recent form.
  10. Yes, binary WTO vs Remain. Big push to start tomorrow.
  11. 🍫 That's the way the fudge crumbles 🤜™️. 2nd ref. it is then...✔️ EDIT: Farage and Campbell in agreement on BBC News, binary WTO vs Remain.
  12. LOL Ok, that was in 2011.😈
  13. jonb2, I think your wasting your time with this prolific new Jack.
  14. May's surprise is starting to be revealed .
  15. Chris Grayling is Diane Abbott's Anti Matter counterpart. The best thing would be if they were to come together and silently annihilate each other. Unfortunately their properties within the strong incompetence field prevents this from ever happening.

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