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  1. As you can see from my join date, the condition and mechanics of the housing market is hardly a surprise to me. But blaming those trying to make the best of the situation, rather than those causing and benefiting from it isn't really a well considered or reasoned opinion.
  2. Nope. Most people who bought needed somewhere to house their families and have something to show for the long hours they work, as far as they were concerned the numbers stacked up. Not everyone has the luxury of wasting their lives waiting for a delayed inevitable crash. What good is the bottom of the market when you need a house now?
  3. Thought so, but I prefer the WW2 origin, its a bit dark
  4. I could be wrong, but it may be because the Government knew the Germans were going to flatten it.
  5. I have to reply to this one as it fully misses the point of marriage. While there is an expression of love in the there somewhere, it is ultimately a contract of law witnessed by both a legal representative and peers of both parties. In getting married you are committing to legal obligations, and in turn are entitled to benefit from the protection of the law, and can also expect to suffer its penalties. You may have your reasons for not wanting a big party, a reunion of distant family and friends, a holiday beyond your normal financial means and a huge pile of gifts, but they're just the optinonal fringe benefits, you can get married in your jeans with two strangers off the street to witness the signing of the legally binding document. Being married does not make you more commited, you are right, but it does demonstrate that you have some commitment, even if you can't handle it and then go on to play the field, but if you do, you can expect sanctions. To match your arrogant tone, I can only assume you have yet to meet someone you trust enough or care enough about to share everything, a person you would promise, in full view of all your friends, to protect for the rest of your life. Perhaps you have and they couldn't feel the same, who knows, but to view marriage only as the just the ceremony is pathetically uninformed. Granting the benefits of marriage to unmarried couples both defeats utterly the purpose of marriage and makes cohabitting a defacto marriage. You could be 18 years old and having a bit of fun, or forty with a joint mortgage but unless you sign a legally binding contract you should expect to be entitled to nothing you did not directly contribute. This benefits no one but the solicitors and drives an other wedge in to the heart of society.
  6. It scares me also, but the unwinding of the economy and the gradually emerging restrictions on borrowing may present the pointy thing that bursts this bubble soon enough. I'm sure the wiser members can explain in more detail. But I know what I mean. Regards Mike
  7. You could be right, its something I read in a Journal many years ago, but I Have read about the issues you feel better ignored. Race/colour/origin has nothing to do with who takes my slice of the cake, the simple fact is someone took my cake that wasn't there before and naturally, I'm a bit miffed. There just isn't enough cake, and by cake I'm not talking houses, I'm talking jobs, wages, services and the quality of life we as a nation have come to expect. You must have a lot of cake locked away to not have to worry about immigration. I wish I had that absolute security, then I could hijack reasoned debate with my own irrelevant opinions too.
  8. Yawn. If the 140k immigrants were white anglo-saxon Americans, would it still be racist to object? Its about cultural carrying capacity, not race. Your attitude is at the very centre of the problem, moreso than the immigrants themselves. Please wake up.
  9. I have taken the opportunity to submit some of my views, but there is a problem with the form. The enter command on the text box submits the form, and in the absence of text wrap, beginning a new paragraph or bullet point etc leaves you sat with a lot more to say and a 'thank you' message. Might be worth looking at as my submission will probably make little sense without the context I was planning to add on the next line. Cheers
  10. At about 40K in a nice area, this would be a fantastic first time buy for a single income person/couple. A starter home for a few years until the family the grew, then handed down to another FTB at the appropriate price. 180K WTF? Does this one harbour a secret evil lair not specified on the deeds?
  11. It depends on whether the 6-8 months are unbroken periods or as a total for the year. It would take a lot of weekends to accrue six months worth of occupancy. I agree though, there will be plenty of loop holes big enough to fit an Airbus A380 through.
  12. What jobs would be lost? I doubt the second home owners outweigh the day trippers and regular tourists to resort areas, but getting rid of them might have other benifits. A loss of the NIM2ndBY protests might bring speed boats and therefore jobs back to Windermere, for example.
  13. This is how the HPC works, the seller has to accept whatever the highest bidder is prepared to offer, and either the new sale price becomes part of the new lower statistic, or they hold the property, inwhich case the price is irelevant. Interest rates will rise, redundancies will be made, everyone will feel poorer and the houses that do sell will sell for increasingly lower prices. This is happening now.
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