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  1. Good, I hope when Tommy gets out, he heads off to the US embassy and asks for asylum. Would be hilarious if it was granted...
  2. The noises about it going below $3000 keep getting louder - 2018 is turning out to be very interesting indeed..
  3. I've saved a screenshot of your comment - let's see how "worthless" this token is when dozens of banks are using it next year. $0.65 today.
  4. This price drop is welcomed by me - long may it continue to 7000 and below. I'm uber bullish on Ripple & XRP, so I hope BTC can keep on dropping like this and I can load up on more cheap XRP. Sub 40 cents would be fantastic.
  5. The newer design doesn't have a compelling call to action, so it's just as bad. I voted keep the old design - it makes them look tacky and wallowing in self pity.
  6. From a design perspective, those boards are a complete waste. Cluttered, no clear message and quite frankly I'd pay more attention to a Jehovah's Witnesses recruitment poster than this shoddy attempt at landlord self pity. Of course it would be an awful, terrible thing if the local yoof were to vandalise these boards. How would they sleep at night...
  7. Just added my reply, and a cheeky link to this site
  8. Hey people... I've just added the property-tools.co.uk add-on to Firefox and gone through all the properties in the BN13 area. Will march from BN12 through to BN1 in the coming week or two, so we can get a proper look at the prices fluctuations in the area! I must say, it's opened my eyes quite a bit. South coast wages are terrible, averaging £17k, and 3 bedroom houses are £190k upwards...just crazy. I do hope Worthing / Brighton area gets absolutely trashed in the crash as some of us want to have a family someday :angry:
  9. Anyone have experience of the HSBC Euro One account? I have my savings in the HSBC Online Saver - the One Europe instant access has a monthly fee of £3 and minimal interest, but I will be using it as a hedge / lifeboat in case Sterling really goes pop! So it would make sense to keep things in house - but would love to hear your suggestions. Link to it is here!
  10. Yeah I've been looking at this - seems the Euro could be a good long term hedge if the credit crunch arrives in earnest in the UK. I'm looking at opening a HSBC One Europe instant access account and putting 10% of my savings in there just incase things do go sour. Anyone else got one of these accounts? Any good equivalents elsewhere. Cheers guys and gals.
  11. Really love reading your posts. You think outside the box and explain things well! Thanks for your contributions here!

  12. Hi all, Could I kindly ask you to join the debate over the following article about prices in Brighton on the following link below? Fight! The story.... An article has been published in The Argus, with "Experts" :angry: stating FTBs should jump on the ladder on snap up "bargains" now before it's too late / miss the boat. I know my fellow HPCers love a good scrap with the Landlords and Baby boomers etc and there are plenty there telling us to "work harder"! You need to register email address etc but it's quite easy and comments get published. Lets kik some ass! Thanks guys and gals!
  13. Yes you've basically hit the nail on the head, the A380 was designed to be 20% more efficient than the existing 747-400 design structually / aerodynamically, with additional margin left for leaps in engine technology. The A380 will be very profitable as long as its got plenty of passengers in it - due its size and being in a class of its own (520 seats +) as long as its 80% + filled up it will be more profitable for the airline to depoly 1 A380 from Heathrow to JFK or Hong Kong, than two 250 seat aircraft such as a Boeing 767 or A330. Fares should come down a bit too. Its a hub to hub aircra
  14. Lets address this with some common sense and industry knowledge shall we.... UPS has decided not to go ahead with the A380-800F as their hand was partially forced by Airbus themselves. Due to the large delay in getting the A380s to the launch passenger airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Etihad, Emirates etc, Airbus needs to bring in some sweetners to get the A380 in a more competitive position. Moreso to get new orders from airlines such as British Airways and Cathay Pacific. Now since FedEx cancelled their A380-800F order, Airbus was left with a much smaller order than anticipat
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