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  1. I love this thread. I don't know where you find all the cash, though. A crisp tenner once flew straight into my hand in Trafalgar Square on a particularly windy day, but since that incredible stroke of luck circa 5 years ago I estimate I've probably found about 10p in total.
  2. The "mentalness" is indeed returning. I viewed a 3-bed semi in Farnborough, Hants last weekend - nice place; not a great area; highest price ever paid for a property in the road was £240k. Spoke to the EA on Monday with the intention of putting a sensible offer in and was told that 3 bidders had already gone over £250k, the highest offer of which was £260k. I was absolutely gobsmacked and got off the 'phone quick-sharp!
  3. The above is encouraging news, but sadly in my neck of the woods (Surrey/Hampshire borders) it's been deader than ever over the last week or so in my regular search area. In the village we really want to move to, nothing's come up in our price range for at least 3 months, probably a lot longer than that, and there's only been one unrealistically-priced house in the last month.
  4. There's still bugger-all in my area on the Surrey/Hampshire borders, but fingers crossed the dam will burst soon...
  5. It is the same deal - a lifetime tracker, 2.18% above the base rate, collared at 3.43% but for Nationwide's generosity in temporarily waiving that collar a few months ago. They will port it to the new property (assuming we do buy - we've sold our place but might rent for a bit and wait for further price falls if I can persuade the Mrs). It's not a deal that Nationwide offer now - I think their tracker is now 2.68% above base - but they've confirmed that they'll port the 2.18% one to a new property. Of course, being a sensible sort, I've taken every opportunity to put down the maximum overpayment every month for the last couple of years, and we've never missed a payment.
  6. Nope, it's the same deal, just on a different property, though the term will revert to 25 years to match the second mortgage. Thankfully we've paid down plenty on that mortgage so have no problem with negative equity and they're perfectly happy to lend to us at 4x combined income, not that we're borrowing quite that much
  7. Not entirely true. When I trade up, I'll be keeping my lifetime tracker deal with Nationwide (which is currently at 2.68%), whilst borrowing more (from the same lender, of course), at a 5-year fix of just under 6%. Moving house doesn't necessarily mean you lose the benefit of a good mortgage deal.
  8. Hear hear. Quite frankly it's embarrassing to read at times.
  9. I sincerely hope your STR fund is tiny. Haddin's gone already
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