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  1. Your like rats leaving a sinking ship Give the guy a chance!
  2. Green Shoots!!! Thank God!! the panic is over!
  3. Its obvious the other way out of this is to borrow more and spend more
  4. Good news!! the sooner we get back to 100% morgages the better!!! Once the banks start lending again like before everything will be fine
  5. you shouldnt need convincing dispite unemploymeant and the gdp level dropping a massive 4.9% house prices are still holding up, they seem to be the only good investment to be made at the moment, yes maybe they will drop another 5% or so but we are more or less at the bottom of the crash once QE gets injected into business that should kick start the economy again dont listen to these DOOM MONGERS!!! they are just bitter people who missed the boat all because they want it to crash more doesnt mean it will!!
  6. negativity is not going to get us anywhere we should all look at the positives of the situation we have all had house price growth like no other time in history if we can lessen the drop we're still on a winner more QE is whats needed!!!
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