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  1. Whatever you get off on BB. Just here to remind you: Approvals are up. Lending for house purchase up. Transactions up. prices up. Looks like the bulls are going to be right after all.
  2. And I was right. Thanks for confirming.
  3. A classic example of goal post moving. I claimed transactions were rising here, not approvals. You demanded completion figures as proof. Spline has now confirmed transaction figures are rising. So my claim was correct.
  4. Following my comment that transactions had increased you asked for proof of completions, claiming approvals were not evidence of any increase. I suggested that rising CML loan numbers were also increasing, which you adamantly claimed weren't competetions, so again didn't prove transactions were rising. Spline has now confirmed what you fervently denied - transactions are increasing.
  5. Ther's a poster using Mopa and another using Moopa. Which one of those are you?
  6. No. I had a discussion with her on this the other day. She has a bee in her bonnet re approvals, so it's not surprising she had the same argument with others.
  7. Thanks Spline, confirmation that approvals really are turning into completions. (Are you listening Bloo Loo) Agreed, the mortgage tap is slowly opening once again. And the recent BoE 'Trends in Lending' survey stated that lenders are planning to both increase lending slightly whilst also relaxing borrowing criteria in Q3. Interesting times.
  8. The pound about to sink? What, again? How many times is that this year?
  9. Yes, they would hardly bother telling everyone why QE is a good idea if they weren't going to repeat the exercise. However, Charlie Bean also said that it may take up to 9 months before the full effects of QE are known. So my guess is they will do more in stages, keeping a watchful eye on what effect the first wave is having and being prepared to stop if necessary.
  10. Yes, I believe he based it on approval numbers.
  11. On the contrary, there's nothing TV likes better than doom and gloom. Remember last year when prices were falling heavily? Program after progam had JD preening himself in front of the cameras, warning us of the armageddon scenario fast approaching. But now prices have stopped falling, JD is redundant. The BBC isn't HPC, they can't just pretend the market is falling when the facts show different.
  12. Not reliable as a precise indicator for future prices, although it is reflecting the current confidence in the market.
  13. Yes. It's come to a grinding halt. Positive HPI for 2009 is a distinct possibility.
  14. Most people wanting to make a point do so by posting it. You appear to be suggesting I guess what your point is. I don't feel this is the most useful allocation of my time.
  15. Sorry, we just aren't on the same wave length.
  16. Yes, of course they can spend it. They can even spend much of the equity and continue to live there. Or they can sell up later in life and have a considerable lump sum. But you knew all this anyway, so I'm puzzled why you bother to ask the question.
  17. I you own an asset, I'm sure you prefer that it holds its value. PeteHPC thinks I'm a poster called Columbo. He was wrong too.
  18. How long do anticipate the bull trap lasting?
  19. Bad news for those relying on further price falls, but good news for the economy in general and the 70% of the population who own property. The rest of the market is positively thriving, but will perhaps slow down for the summer as per usual.
  20. Granted, the two don't usually go together. But all the data suggests this is now happening. Unemployment usually coincides with high interest rates, so maybe in previous crashes it was the high interest rates that caused prices to fall.
  21. A 100% factual news story from the beeb backed up by hard evidence from numerous agencies. Not for nothing are housebuilder shares continuing to rise.
  22. Doesn't really matter how many sales fall through, it's the numbers completing that are important.
  23. Hardly a day goes buy without some poster making the same observation. It could be the end of the bounce, but unlikely.
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