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  1. Big lip on. Have taken what everyone on here is saying, and yes, I agree (and have seen the light) we have some way to fall, and yes a bear trap awaits. Don't know who the crochster is.....but as McGlashan says, he is excellent value, and quite (ahem) provocative. I am not the Crochster - fact, but am flattered to be though the same person, even though I am not. I lack the Crochster's eloquence and finesse, and superb Troll timing. Off to count my huge pile of bullion - no point in buying now if further falls await. Off to lurk on my dark cave in Herriot Row..........precious.......... Viewsonic aka Gollum
  2. Check this out: http://gladedale.newsweaver.co.uk/187sbtyf...ib43?email=true 200k for ~500 square feet, they must be completely barking. Have they not heard that there is a big crash on? They must be desperate............
  3. viewsonic

    Edinbugh Latest

    Mammy Troll died 2 years ago, actually. So no. The Eagle eyed McGlashan has spotted that there are variations in property prices and seasonal variations.......well done my man. The McGlashan's info is useful, keep up the good work. Byeeeee.............
  4. The door is gently closing now. I have learnt a lot from this forum. Amazing things. Clever people have pointed out the cyclical nature of the property market (wow, a revelation). They have pointed out that 3 months figues do not make a trend (wow again). I have learnt too that people want reasonably priced housing and like a bargian (amazing). And that they are incensed at the values realised in the market. Most of all I have leant how chippy people are. Byeee.....I will be back in a few months to gloat when we have some real numbers to go on. or then again, maybe not.
  5. It must be so nice for you to constantly drone on about your superior intellectual ability, I am beginning to think that you have a deep seated inferiority complex in this regards. Yes I know what capital is. Yes, I have read Marx, Kant etc etc too.
  6. Er no, actually not. Just a typo my man, no need to be quite so abusive.
  7. the Crutchster, Verily you speak the truth. The doom mongers shall have a nasty come-uppance very soon. I have already brought and sold in this market in the last few weeks and made a good profit. Long live the Western Capitalist Society. Yours in cupidity and huge smugness.
  8. Time will tell whether your huge desire for chaos is bourne out by the numbers, or whether I am right. I will visit the board in 3-6 months and waatch you eat humble pie my friend.
  9. viewsonic

    Edinbugh Latest

    Your rudeness is only exceeded by your ignorance and lack of manners.
  10. The latest figues are up on sales and on transaction values...........I dont think its stagnating at all.
  11. viewsonic

    Edinbugh Latest

    Take a look at the trend though (prices and sales) ...............it is up. Early days yet, but I suspect this trend will be continued. We are not all DOOMED. HousingMarketMonitoringReportJune09_Final.doc HousingMarketMonitoringReportJune09_Final.doc
  12. The latest figues from Edinburgh City Council. Sales up. Prices up. Do I see a trend that confounds the doom mongers? HousingMarketMonitoringReportJune09_Final.doc HousingMarketMonitoringReportJune09_Final.doc
  13. Positive news emerging, we are not all doomed. Yet. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/ro...d_times_ar.html
  14. Statistical blip or not, I think may areas of Edinburgh will stabilise, and show some capital growth next year. Just supply and demand I am (not) afraid. Very few new homes being built inn the centre, huge demand, thus relatively stable prices and a good outlook. We are not though the woods yet, but expect growth in future, not a fall.
  15. viewsonic

    Edinbugh Latest

    What a mug. Its a dump. All the guff about "the Shore". its just a few tatty overpriced boozers and wannabie yuppies larging it up with overpriced plonk. Give me the Cask and Barrel or the Barony in Broughton anytime.
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