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  1. Hi There, Time Virus. I am keen to learn more about trading the forex markets and have been learning for the past year or so with no real success as you advise in your post? If you could give any pointers or tips i would be very grateful as i have been down every path known to man in my pursuit to learn how to trade these markets? Many thanks Chris

  2. Hi NSB, you asked these questions I`m interested in the EUR/GBP and still hoping for sterling to fall further as things progress but not tempted to trade FX myself . Too risky and not enough grey cells laugh.gif . I hold RBS @ .27 hoping to top up if it gets below 35p again . KAZ @ 2.80 BARC @ 1.11 AVIVA @ 1.90 again looking for more at the right money . EUR/GBP....it's been falling for quite a while now, but don't trust it. Weekly chart has shown dramatic fall underway, although it has risen to sit on the 30 min trendline. Looks as it can go long. Weekly is slowly reversing.............Buy Euro's. RBS is a short, so sell asap. No buy-back, as Barclays and Lloyds are looking short too atm. KAZ, I think you mean BMB Munai Inc. My 'techs on daily/weekly show that this will fall pdq, so pls sell asap to minimise loss. BARC: It's a short starting with 30 min. Aviva, now I hope you mean Aviva Plc and not Aviva Corporation Ltd . Anything down to 320.00 and beyond. Bounced off resistance, but turning for the plunge by the looks of it. Like anything, you have to quick about your trading decisions and if you have a loss, take it on the chin, to minimise potential further loss. Once the item you have hung your hat on recedes to where you want it to be, then you can always buy it back again for potential profit. Heck, glad I don't have to watch these shares. That would be a nightmare, have enough problems going to Walmart FX. At least the FX market can't crash just because some insider decided to short sell, or the company go bankrupt, or a government takeover, or et al.
  3. XAU/EUR (Gold/Euro spot) looks like it has the potential to rise somewhat on daily charts for now. Looks like 700+ from current levels.
  4. Weekly charts for both DOW and FTSE show the greater bear unfolding. I expect the DOW to hit around 7.700 anytime in the next couple of months. I could be wrong, but my Fibo and triangulation calcs are rarely wrong (my $5 mini for delivery September doing quite well). FTSE around 3.800 then I reckon.
  5. You need a good broker with their own trading platform that will allow you to trade whatever, whenever. I use a good London broker, and if you PM me, then I'll send you the details, you can practise on their platform with FX, ETF's, Shares, Futures etc. Just don't hold me responsible if you come a cropper.
  6. For a good free training course, goto babypips.com. For a free broker trial platform goto forexpeacearmy.com then grab a trading platform and practise hard for months.
  7. GBP/USD, or Cable has been range trading nicely lately. It hit a high last week, and will prolly fall to around 1.6300 ish before climbing back up the hill. I've been short Cable for the past few days, but am now looking for the double-bottom. It will continue in this vein for a few weeks to come at least, up and down from 1.6300 ish to 1.6800 ish. With GBP/CAD, this has flown up so much recently it's totally overbought, so expect some small decline, All technical crosses point toward a fall. USD/CAD looks a bit floppy as well, so expect some strength coming back into the Loonie, but with their current financial problems, it won't be too much to worry about.
  8. Just thought I'd pop in and say hi!! I've been coming to this forum as a guest for the past couple of years, but couldn't be bothered to register. Basically, I'm a Forex trader, been at it 3 years now, after catching a cold with too many losses on shares (sell your RBS shares, they've gone short on Daily). I read with interest some of your ideas on the Dow, S&P, DAX, CAC etc. Although these are all good to trade (I regularly trade a 2 lot $5 mini on the Dow) FX has to be the best and easiest way of making dosh (like a 24 hour/day 5 day week Walmart shopping for money); especially at the moment. Just thought I'd put up a chart here of my favourite trade at the moment, EUR/CHF. Recently the SNB announced that it will support the exchange rate of EUR/CHF and USD/CHF, so as not to allow their currency to get too strong. Great range trade. Put a bid more or less anywhere on the chart, and it will get into profit; especially with a long. I've been short this all week now, with a 250,000 lot, and it's paid back nicely. Just looking to exit my short at around 1.51500 and go long, expecting the inevitable bounce off the MAE 250 (which virtually always happens). If anyone is interested in FX, then I'll pop back in every now and then, and give some trading tips; if you're not conversant with FX, please don't go rush out and try it yourself without at least 6 months of training....you'll only lose money.
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