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  1. I have the achieved sale prices for the addresses, however, it is the original asking prices and evolution of the asking prices for these same addresses before the sale went through that I am after. In all cases, I do not know who the original agents were as the boards are no longer up. If I knew who the agents were it would be a simple task to blag it out of them and get the original details. I think that unless there is a web site giving presales prices (asking prices) and sale prices for the same property then I will have to ring up all the agents in the area spoofing each one in turn per property until I get a hit. My other option is to knock on the doors of the new buyers indicating I am thinking of buying locally and congratulating them on their astute negotiating skills in getting such a good deal for their recent purchase. They will then gleefully spill their guts in a boastfest about how they mercilessly screwed the vendor to selling to them at a massive knockdown from xxxK Moving forwards, I have a list of the local asking prices for properties currently on the market and can track the evolution of these to sale prices. However, it is the ones before I set up my tracking that I want to get asking prices for. Thx Comparables
  2. I do not know who the agents were as the boards have been taken down. I suppose I could ring all the agents in the area to see if these properties were on their books but I am not sure how helpful they would be? Is Right Move Plus available to everybody on the web or is it a subscription or trade service only ? Thx Comparables
  3. Hi, Is there any way that I can find out asking prices and details of a property after it has sold? For example, there are some properties listed on Zoopla and Mouseprice with recent sales and I would like to find out what the asking prices were and details if possible. I heard that with Firefox as web browser there may be some functionality like this from certain web sites ? Thx Comparables
  4. Hi, Does anyone know the reason why Land Registry monthly historic prices vary depending when you view the data ? I have just run the report for a monthly breakdown of average sales prices for a couple of arear and when I compared them to the last extracts I took of these areas the figures are different. There is not a great deal of difference but for a ten year perion split by months most of the monthly values are different from the sae extract I ran a month ago. Is there some sort of annual rounding or adjustment going on ? If there is, I just caanot see how it would impact monthly figures for 10 year ago. I can see that there could be changes to Nov-09, Oct-09 and a few of the most recent historic months through late arrival of sales figures perhaps. The changes are very small and would have no significance on property values etc, I am just curious as to whats going on. Thx
  5. Herbert, Thx for the reply. No specific road, just a general overview of Purley semis is what I am after. Looking at the Land Registry site for the London Borough of Croydon, the average semi price was aprox £266K in May 2009 down from the peak in May 2008 at £324K, ie, a decrease of £58K or 17.9% which is in line with your observations. Interestingly, the March 2006 LBC average for semis was £275K compared to March 2009 at £273K so it would agree with your comments about a valuation early this year being very close to early 2006 values. Obviously I am using semis to illustrate the point but detatched followed the same trend, ie, March 2006 £459K compared to £456K in March 2009. However, Purley prices would be one of the higher level contributors to the London Borough of Croydon average for semis so whatever the LBC average is there needs to be a general upward adjustment for Purley. Thx & Rgds Comparables
  6. Come back Red Robbo, all is forgiven. Derek Robinson the Union Convenor, a legend in his own lunchtime, and believe me, they were long lunchtimes. Rgds
  7. Hi, If there are any local gurus on the forum, how have Purley house prices fared since the historic peak to the current time, and what could be expected for the next 12 months. I realise figures could be distorted by the Webb Estate, its more general Purley three bed semis and 4 bed semis I am hoping to get some info about. Thx Comparables
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