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  1. In reality you cannot beat the tax saving. 32p in the £ for a basic rate payer. Good luck trying to get your £68 net pay to outperform your £100 pension contribution. That is without considering employer contributions or higher rate tax payers.
  2. Do you guys ever get the feeling things are not going to pan out as you first thought / hoped? We sometimes call others deluded but ........
  3. I think It's funny that there are people in this thread who have been cheerleaders for cutting benefits for the very poor or as are often described on here as scroungers, lazy, feckless etc. But when the gravy train axe hovers over them the squeeling starts but but but.......I'll have to invent my own tax fiddle now or deliberately earn less money, not fair blah blah blah. If you are a higher rate tax payer and this is all the damage that the spending cuts do to you than you are lucky. The sound of upper/middle income earners moaning when their benefits are cut when others, much poorer than themselves, will have to suck it up is pathetic.
  4. You guys may want an interest rate rise to speed up the property crash. But there is no way the wider economy justifies an increase in the base rate.
  5. You sounded like a ****. Just have a look round the flat for 2 mins. Would only help you to get an idea of what is available if nothing else. I dont understand this absurd attitude to estate agents. They talk crap most of the time but there seems to be a confrontational attitude towards them which will get you nowhere and is bad for your blood pressure.
  6. Capital losses can only be offset against other capital gains not total income. Big difference.
  7. The 2 highlighted ones are absurd. Price/Book value of less than one would mean the firm's market cap was less than the accounting value of it's assets. You realise the book value of assets can sometimes mean very little? You think the market is this stupid? And the no goodwill one is ridiculous. You realise this just occurs when one company buys another one and pays more than the book value of assets which means like 99% of acquisitions. There cant be many large companies that dont have goodwill tbh. Other intangible assets is another matter though.
  8. We hear this time and time again on here that the election will bring about some kind of huge shift in the property market. Seems very unlikely to me. Do people think that political change in this country really will cause some kind of seismic shift? Just can't see it myself. Loads of talk and bluster from the politicians but nothing much will really change. Even say 200k or so public sector redundancies, spread acroos the whole country, wont suddenly cause prices to fall off a cliff. Escpecially with all the mortgage support schemes. Will be another HPC.co.uk crash trigger point that comes and goes.
  9. Betting exchanges still show; 81% chance Tories get most seats 58% Tory majority, 35% Hung parliment Labour majority still very unlikely, Osbourne hasnt blown it yet although god he is a liability for them.
  10. It seems to me that car companys lose money by the bucket load. Why do we want more of them? Just more British Leyland type companies we would have to prop up.
  11. Dont know much about some of those but if you cant find nice places for under £200k in Brum or brissle then your looking in the wrong places.
  12. This. Jesus Christ houses arent as expensive as people make out on here. Outside of SE in almost all places you can get a nice sized house with a garden for £200k and lots of still nice stuff way cheaper. If you choose to live in one of the most crowded, wealthy and sought after places in the World then suck it up.
  13. They usually also show just how hard it is to make a living at those things. For instance on the one where they taught furniture making I remember them saying it was tough to make much money at all. Despite it looking like highly skilled work.
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