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  1. Don't worry. I've just found it!!!! It's 2.1% for January and London is 3.9% , bl00dy hell that's a lot!!!!
  2. Anyone know what the Land Registry figures are predicted to be?
  3. I've never seen a mortgage rate of near zero. Could you tell me which lender has these? I thought that split between Fixed Rate and Variable Rate mortgages was about 50% each? According to today's RICS report. Supply is now increasing but prices are still going to increase. How does your theory work with that?! Apparently 70% of the housing in the UK is Owner Occupied and people seem to be buying at the moment. I'm sorry to hear that you sound like you're in a minority like me...
  4. Why are they frightening themselves? You are right there are some whiners on here!!!!
  5. So does that mean that the crash is over then?
  6. Has this long awaited crash happened yet? I thought that this was the week?
  7. They say that the less popular areas are the ones that are still dropping in price. I would try and relocate to an area that people want to live in.
  8. I read on another site that London house prices were at 2007 prices now.
  9. That bull trap is very short on here. Does anyone have any idea what the segments on the Time axis should be?
  10. that graph shows that house prices have gone back to 2007 levels - that is shocking
  11. Why would i be pretending to do that? pete.hpc sounds like a right peice. I've been using Property Bee and also Property Snake. I'm looking at two/three bedroom houses in and around W4. All my offers have been at what I think 2004/2005 prices from what i can work out their previous sale price was. A couple of examples are: Price £875k, Offered £800k, refused. Taken off the market a few days later. A very nice place with a very high spec. Original Price £899, watched it and dropped to £750k. Offered £650k refused, showed interest at £700k but property taken off the market a few months later. I'm finding this trend is happening often.
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