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  1. Under offer has been removed now. It still talks about "current owner" so surely the previous sale just fell through?
  2. Blimey, £315k, no garden to speak of and no parking!
  3. Many people selling now will already have had a keen eye on the financial news and will have a balanced view and will know that the general view is that prices could slip a bit further, and even then might take a couple of years to recover. Most people selling now are either mortgage companies, executors or relatives of recently deceased (eg. selling an inherited house to elsewhere), divorcing couples etc. All don't really have time to sit around waiting for the market to pick up, and are interested in offers to various extents. You don't have much to loose really, as long as the agents think you will genuinely buy somewhere that suits.
  4. I had a thought, was it a young guy, a trainee? I can imagine that if the branch manager said to them "The vendor is moving agents, what are you going to do about it?" (something you might expect them to say) they got the wrong idea and repeated it to you.
  5. Problem is that Florida has a limited job market, and most of the employers are cutting wages and hours. Also most houses are in homeowner's association areas, so you need to pay an organisation a subscription so that they can tell you what colour you can paint your house, and what you can and can't park out the front.
  6. I think your only option is to try another lender, or give up. I think HSBC might be worth a go, they appear to be quite quick on applications with a god deposit. As for the refusal, who knows! It sounds like they might have done a search on a database and brought up something bad, in which case there might be some mistake where somebody else has the same name? If you want to push the issue, a Data Protection Act Subject Access Request on your application might shed some light.
  7. I recently lived in Sydney for 7/8 months and the fixed-line internet services are indeed far more expensive (2-3x more), although naked ADSL is excellent and something that the UK desperately needs. I think Elizabeth is using a 3G connection? You can get that here on a per-Gb-per-month basis and the prices are broadly similar.
  8. LPG is somewhat more expensive than mains gas, but I think you can now buy/transfer the tank between suppliers so it should be easier to get a better price. Otherwise you could convert it to oil, I'm not sure of the current price differential though, it used to be a bit more expensive, but the ease of changing suppliers was attractive. A septic tank should be fine, the sludge needs emptying annually which varies in price, but overall it will be far cheaper than mains sewerage. I think it should be mostly water at the top (and not be smelly) but if it hasn't been emptied it might have filled up with sludge which could be causing the smell.
  9. There seems to be a lack of properties at the cheaper end of the market (but flats seem to be dropping still) and I think due to the large interest sellers don't need to drop their prices much. If you don't need to move then I don't think there will be much harm in waiting until the autumn.
  10. I've been calling about properties under 200k in reasonable areas and pretty much all I've called about are repos or probate sales. I've made some low-ball offers with no luck yet. One went for 5k under asking price (3 bed semi, Farnham, up at £190k) - I think it was WAY too much considering it needed rewiring, new kitchen, heating, decorating and a new bathroom unless you like Avocado The other was a 3-bed semi in Reigate, was up at £180k, I offered £184k and didn't get it.
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