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  1. That billing system you speak of is called payment by results. It actually works well and has done for years. Hideously complex and expensive though.. The big problem that needs solving is patient identification and medical histories, which as we have determined, is a long way off..
  2. I think ChumpusRex has hit the nail on the head regards the complexity of the existing system (saying everything I wanted to say but couldn't be bothered). MarkG may well be onto something though.perhaps we could all be our own database. Hmmmm...Not gonna happen though..
  3. Indeed.no one can even begin to comprehend how complex the nhs it systems are. I couldn't/didn't until I started working for the nhs. The sheer amount of data that is collected and stored is just overwhelming. Each hospital/ward/department/division/ward has its own systems/methods/filing. Trying to streamline this and apply a solution nationwide is madness, it was never going to work. I'm not saying the system should be as complex as it is, but after 30 years of computerisation and successive governments with ever changing policies, that's how it is. Trying to unpick it is impossible. Even things like assigning nhs numbers requires entire teams/departments within hospitals. It really is that complex. You wouldn't think so, but it really is.
  4. as a source of local knowledge, I can answer this: No. there is no bus service over the hill. You'd have to get a bus/taxi into huddersfield then a train to manchester. In fact it may be cheaper to get a taxi straight over..
  5. With the current privatisation re-organisaton of the NHS going on consultants are making a huge comeback in the NHS. There is a ban on recruitment and use of temping agencies in my area, but it appears no such ban exists for consultants. New ones seem to turn up on a daily basis, who don't seem to have any mor e knowledge than any of the perm. staff (usually less) One of the proposed benefits of the re-organisation was supposed to be money saving - all I see is 10x more waste and ever inflating salaries..
  6. I'll bet there are thousands. There certainly were the last time I signed on (12 years ago!). I suspect the Jobcentre positively encourage these kind of ads. At least then the Govt. can say 'there are x00,000 jobs available' at any given time Sounds horrible. I'm so glad I don't have to go through that anymore. My memories of 12 years ago are bad enough, sounds much much worse now. Everytime I hear these stories I think to myself how lucky I am to have a job. What p1ssed me off almost as much as being humiliated, patronised and degraded on every visit to the JC was the people in my life at the time who thought I was workshy and lazy and that I had chosen worklessness as an easy option. Believe me I would rather have stacked shelves at tesco than be put through that every fortnight. The notion that the JC help you to find work and provide a safety net through benefits when you need it is utter b0ll0cks. Its almost like the whole system is designed to convince you that suicide would be the best option Edit: good luck Tonkers, i'm sure something will come up (but almost definitely not via the jobcentre)
  7. Have to admit (as the op) I only kinda half watched this..i thought the people were going there in search of work, and in the meantime were being put up in camps and forced to work for free within the camp for a bed for the night. 'My bad' must pay more attention in future! edit: still, it's quite interesting
  8. Just saw this on sky news http://news.sky.com/story/968314/workers-in-us-man-camps-power-oil-boom Quite sad and desperate imo. These people are leaving thier wives and children to go and live in a tin hut dormitory with strict rules. The bit in the video from 0:30 onwards reminded me of ruffles' 'camps' post... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=172754&st=0&p=3202064entry3202064 are we going to have these here soon? edit: got time wrong
  9. i've got an account with the co-op. They seem less evil than the others, but their internet banking is rubbish. mainly because it doesn't update in real time, so if you're useless like me its hard to keep track of incomings and outgoings..
  10. just a bump as this is on right now, BBC2 camberwell this time.. edit: it's not as interesting this time
  11. Really? wow. I didn't realise things had got that bad. I'm not surprised the riots kicked off last year then..suppose I'm isolated from it all up here in the lovely green pennines! There are pockets of scumbags round here but it looks like a proper jungle there
  12. Indeed, I saw this. It also opened my eyes to just how rough and disgusting parts of London are nowadays. After the 'slums' were cleared things seemed to go from bad to worse. I honestly don't think 'multiculturism' helped
  13. ^this I did this once in a place i rented, was an absolute piece of cake, (having no previous experience) . Sanded and painted and you couldn't see a thing Depends how big the hole is though...bigger than a few inches and you'll want a professional
  14. ah, but they won't be public sector jobs..this is the tories we are talking about..they will be private companies (no doubt run by friends of the government), like a4e, who will provide no doubt useless schemes that help virtually no-one actually tackle their addiction, but boxes will be ticked, and millions of quids will be made by private companies funded by the taxpayer I suspect this is the real motivation behind this idea...follow the money..
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