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  1. I looked at the news over the past couple of days and was dismayed to see more articles with headlines like "House Prices Sky Rocket". After recent figures showing sharp falls I thought to myself here we go another false start ( I want a crash to come) But this time these boom articles seem to be different. They all seem based around what house prices have done over the last 5 years and most of them around University towns. I mean, don't we all know that house prices have risen dramatically in recent years?!?!?! Do we need telling again??? Seems to me that this along with the usual article
  2. I agree. Perfect timing as well. I was really miffed by Kirsty's comments and this just shows how wrong she was to essentially state that a fall would not happen. I feel particularly sorry for say someone in Wales who might have really stretched themselves to buy an average house (170k) only to watch it fall by £10k in one month. Heven only knows where it will be in 6. Having said that I don't feel that sorry. No one feels sorry for us renters....we took the risk and reckon we're all gonna reap the rewards. Its been brewing for around 3 months I reckon but I finally think the tide has tu
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