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  1. btlpropertydeveloper

    20p Pieces - Gordon's Masterstroke

    is there a link to this story?
  2. btlpropertydeveloper

    Renting Out A Room

    i thought of taking lodgers but i would only have girls and even them id be afraid of having my stuff ripped off.
  3. btlpropertydeveloper

    Poll - What's Happened To Your Salary In The Last 12 Months?

    i ticked all three as i have lost, won and experienced no change. im fighting harder to keep my head above water. does that count.
  4. pure evil all this means is employers can lower standards. i fully support people that dont want to do certain jobs because the job will do nothing more than scarring them for life. Its no party on the dole i can tell you. in fact i've seen lesser people in long term employment for companies like british gas and the government.
  5. btlpropertydeveloper

    Aircraft Carriers' Costs Soar £1bn

  6. btlpropertydeveloper

    New Source Of Fossil Fuels?

    shame that global warming is going to melt the ice caps so that this magical ice trip wont work anymore. have to burn more trees i guess.
  7. btlpropertydeveloper

    Aircraft Carriers' Costs Soar £1bn

    if prices go up theres only one thing to do. buy more!!!! lets buy 4 aircraft carriers!!!
  8. btlpropertydeveloper

    I Got Bored


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