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  1. Ooh but that's the gamble! Lets see what you would have won! It's a speed boat! Super...Smashing...Great!
  2. Even if NR couldn't get fresh funding their existing client base must bring in a significant amount of revenue? Enough to cover forward trading at a reduced level surely? Or are they reliant on this revenue stream merely to pay off existing debts?
  3. There's no plan to house our own people let alone Johnny Foreigner. Oh and you have to actually control your borders before you can "open" or "close" them. We haven't controlled ours for decades.
  4. Actually that's not quite true Aunt Jess. It depends where they come from AND which election you are talking about. Citizens of the Irish Republic, the Commonwealth AND the EU can all vote in local elections! Citizens of the Irish Republic and Qualifying Commonwealth Citizens have full voting rights. So that would be foreigners with leave to remain or equivalent hailing from... Antigua and Barbuda Australia Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belize Botswana Brunei Cameroon Douala Canada Cyprus Dominica Suva Gambia Ghana Grenada Guyana India Jamaica Kenya Kiribati Lesotho Malawi Malaysia Maldives Malta Mauritius Mozambique Namibia Nauru New Zealand Nigeria Pakistan Papua New Guinea Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore Solomon Islands South Africa Sri Lanka Swaziland Tanzania Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tuvalu Uganda Vanuatu Zambia needless to say these voting rights are not reciprocal. (not that there's many Brits wanting to vote in Pakistan as I understand it)
  5. Seriously somebody should set one up! How are housing associations funded? The liberal hippies would have to be complete hypocrites to object if they've not raised a peep over the above HA. Infact I bet you there's loads of these bloody anti British HA's all over country.
  6. You have to buy an undersized, shoddily built, overpriced piece of crap near the very top of a bubble market?
  7. And pull the trigger. They need to revalue the currency and link it to something tangible. Get the whites back to commercial farming (if they can get any whites to come back that is). Food production and foreign exchange has to be a key concern. Fuel seems problematic so they need to trade for that unless they can become self sufficient in bioethanol. Such a shame that such a rich country has been run down to it's current pitiful state.
  8. As they are in the Eurozone there's nothing the Spanish can do vis-a-vis interest rates... one size fits all!
  9. Hell they had carte blanche anyway. If it wasn't Iraq it'd be Afghanistan. If not Afgahntistan - Chechnya. If not Chechnya - Andalusia. If not Andalusia... etc ad infinitum Allowing more of them to pour accross our borders every year seems to me to be pi$$ poor strategic decision.
  10. *somewhere on the moorland of the Balmorral estate...* Bloody hell missed again! Didn't miss the other day though!!! Shot myself a couple of damn lazy blacks what! Had to replace them with a couple of industious coolies. Bah! Don't get me started on those damn inscrutable chinkies with their slitty eyes! Meh! Pull!!! *sounds of gunfire*
  11. What's the difference between "New money" and a "credit arrangement". Either the banks are borrowing money or they are not. It doesn't matter if it's physical cash or numbers on a screen. They can both be spent right? Are we saying it's a temporary measure? That its being used like oil to oil a machine but that the oil will be put back in the can (with extra oil as interest!) once the parts of the machine release the oil they are hoarding? Once the liquidity problems are sorted the money will go back to the ECB with interest. So any inflationary pressure will be short lived/temporary??? I guess the question is... Is the total supply of money out in the economy increasing? If yes then it HAS to be inflationary!
  12. Eric Pebble for Justice Minister!!!He'd be kicking arses and taking names! Never mind poxy new build flats we need to build more prisons to lock the shysters up!
  13. Good find and spot on! Why can't America bite the bullet and balance the budget? Why can't we? If you spend the money you have to pay so taxes should rise or expenditure fall. You really can't expect future generations to pay for the benefits of todays. The very idea that taxes( or borrowings!) should be used to fund any kind of bail out of the lenders or the borrowers is offensive.
  14. Good for you Rover! If only everyone stood up for themselves like that!
  15. I've seen senior management deliberately ignore TUPE on many ocassions on the basis that the employees were "too thick" to know their rights. Strangely this backfired as it seems somebody took the time to explain to the employees in no uncertain terms what their rights were! In some cases TUPE will kill off the prospect of saving a viable business as new companies won't want to touch an existing workforce with good employment contracts and long lengths of service. And I agree TESCO's should be hit with an eyewatering fine. They can't hide behind an agency or subcontractors.
  16. Spot on though housing benefit rarely covers the full cost of rent in the private sector so I'm not sure how much effect it does have on rent prices.
  17. But they then destroy it when it comes back in... I think. It may not even be physical money but credits on a screen. I'm sure somebody can explain it better than I can.
  18. I think this is exactly the strategy being implemented by Uncle Bob in Zimbabwe.
  19. Now that's the key question. I'm assuming that during a liquidity crises the bank is lending out far more cash than is being deposited with it. I assume they simply print the money they lend out???
  20. Presumably getting more and more people in more and more debt is a price worth paying for these financial services jobs to be retained?
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