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  1. IVA's are very often a worse option than bankruptcy... for 99% of people it is better to bite the bullet and go bankrupt.

    Banks can be very unreasonable in dealing with IVA's. I've had a number of IVA's scuppered by banks even though the proposal was demonstrably better for creditors than a bankruptcy.

    I'm not familiar with debt matters business model but I would imagine that they operate on a "sausage factory" basis with standardised forms and systems which should enable them to keep costs down compared to a sole practitioner. I'm a little suprised they couldn't get the banks on board in advance.

    The only result of this is that more people will take the bankruptcy option so the banks will get zip.

  2. Another very interesting thread indeed. Im ALL for freedom of speech ESPECIALLY where the BNP are concerned-how else will people ever realise 1st hand what they actually represent, and that the only thing they ever have or ever will stand for is white supremicist anti everybody else in the entire world (unless you're a redneck KKK member that is) because they're owed a living by it and its always someone else's fault they are miserable useless failures in life. I speak from VERY personal experience on this one as a former boyfriend was a BNP steward. It was never going to work-punk girl skinhead boy ie brains over brawn...give me Dead Kennedys, SLF or GBH over 'skrewdriver' any day of the week! ;) ). THE most spineless bitter hate filled person I think Ive ever met. Moreover he was a woman-beating child abuser who would fill his face with steroids and pump iron to try to make himself feel macho. Was quite funny to witness in hindsight because Mr Muscles really thought he would be the ultimate 'patriot' and go to Iraq to 'pop a few arabs' etc etc yet the army turned him down over and over again. He couldnt even get into TA never mind the paras lol. :rolleyes: I used to find it especially entertaining listening to him attempt to justify slavery like a stuck droning record and tell me how great the KKK also are and how racism in the states is acceptable in the same breathe-never MIND the fact some of my ancestors are native american indian :lol: The BNP would just as happily stick a burning cross in the front yard and hang 'niggers' as the KKK whatever else they may try to say. Patriotism my ****-moderation of untenable immigration policy is one thing, but preying on the fears of the intellectually challenged to propagate racial hatred is another altogether. They actually think that by buying up loads of gold they are somehow overthrowing the nasty evil jewish banks as it happens, though of course they still deny the holocaust took place-what a bunch of thick fvcktards lol :rolleyes:

    And still you shagged him? You're a classy bird! :lol::lol::lol:

    I've been to a couple of BNP meetings (to listen to what they had to say first hand) and I can honestly say there was nobody there matching the description you've given. There were acouple of working class guys with skinheads (a roofer and bricky if I recall) but nobody mentioned "hanging niggers", the KKK, slavery etc etc.

    Most of the people there were a fairly wide cross section (leaning towards the professional classes suprisingly) concerned about the same things many on this board seem to be concerned about.

    Didn't Skrewdriver start out as punk band? Not really my cup of tea to be honest.

  3. Crumbs, its a 70s throwback.

    Well, that's it, I'm convinced... I'm going to listen to some Billy Bragg records and organise some rock against racism gigs, maaaaaaaaan. <_<

    Do you mean half Italian Billy Bragg? The pro multi cult traitor and hypocrit? The guy who wants us all to live amongst foreigners from 3rd world shiteholes whilst he lives in a remote house in lily white Dorset? :rolleyes:

  4. Good post. I acknowledge the accuracy of the insights with a certain amount of foreboding.

    I have been of this opinion for years - see highlight. The medical fraternity are hand in glove with the pharmaceutical conglomerates - a veritable symbiosis which keeps many of us drug-dependent, instead of being taught healthier lifestyles re: exercise, diet and leisure. We spend millions on drugs, many of which we don't really need, but prefer to 'pop a pill' than change our habits.

    I often wonder how much ill health is caused by the housing situation in the UK. People taking on ever higher levels of debt just to stand still can't be healthy. Being forced to live in squalid flats can't be healthy.

    Having both parents forced to work isn't good for the kids or the parents. There's so much wrong with our society it's hard to know where to start :(

  5. Just read Fire and Sword by John Prebble - v interesting. Really don't think that the Jacobite Rebellion, Culloden and the ethnic cleansing the redcoats carried out afterwards can't be seen purely as a Scotland v England affair though. Many in Northern England supported Bonnie Prince Charlie, though not to the extent that many would take up arms for him. Indeed, some of my forefathers were Welsh Jacobites and had their estates confiscated by the crown to pay them back for their support of the 1715 rising in Scotland (but then granted back to them as they were related to the right people).

    Having read about William Wallace, the episode that shocked my above all was the sacking of Berwick, which was in Scotland at that time - virtually the whole population of the town was slaughtered by Edward I's English army, and the victims were buried in mass graves around the town. It should be remembered that the townsmen, women and children he slaughtered included English and Flemings.

    From what I've read rape, looting and butchery were pretty much par for the course at the time unfortunately. :(

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