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  1. Nothing we didn't know before but at least it's getting out to a more mainstream audience which is to the good I suppose. What struck me was how quickly those THamesmead flats went from looking ok to looking like a slum. There were weeds everywhere! A couple more years and it will look really grim.
  2. Albania FFS The country is a basket case and I wouldn't be suprised to see another war in the Balkans before too long. I can't see Serbia accepting the loss of Kosovo to the Albanians. Could Albania proper stay out of another round of blood letting? I doubt it.
  3. blatent double speak if ever I've heard it. It's like saying "contracting expansion".
  4. Even at £1 a litre it's still cheaper than volvic. How much would it be without tax?
  5. Hold inspite of RPI being up in August. CPI figure dropped to just under target
  6. Yep I'm noticing more and more of these properties with 2 signs."For Sale" + "To Let". Hardly encourages anybody to rent them though I'd have thought.
  7. I'd vote Ron Paul if I was an American. What's not to like about the guy?
  8. I was abit suprised by Tate & Lyle (not that I'm following the stock maekets closely) but I'd have thought that they'd be on the rise with the increasing demand for biofuels. Surely demand for sugar is set to rise?
  9. Why stop at a £25k fee for the nondoms? Tax 'em the same as us normal joes. If they don't like it...cheerio! This unfair 2 tier taxation system has gone on for far too long.
  10. Where are the fuel protestors? Also how do you run your diesel on veg oil? Do you have to do something to it or just pour it in as bought?
  11. IVA's are very often a worse option than bankruptcy... for 99% of people it is better to bite the bullet and go bankrupt. Banks can be very unreasonable in dealing with IVA's. I've had a number of IVA's scuppered by banks even though the proposal was demonstrably better for creditors than a bankruptcy. I'm not familiar with debt matters business model but I would imagine that they operate on a "sausage factory" basis with standardised forms and systems which should enable them to keep costs down compared to a sole practitioner. I'm a little suprised they couldn't get the banks on board in advance. The only result of this is that more people will take the bankruptcy option so the banks will get zip.
  12. Wow! New definition... "Elaborate" to present false information with the intention of deceiving.
  13. I've noticed when I change my avatar it somestimes takes some time before the new one replaces the old one.
  14. And still you shagged him? You're a classy bird! I've been to a couple of BNP meetings (to listen to what they had to say first hand) and I can honestly say there was nobody there matching the description you've given. There were acouple of working class guys with skinheads (a roofer and bricky if I recall) but nobody mentioned "hanging niggers", the KKK, slavery etc etc. Most of the people there were a fairly wide cross section (leaning towards the professional classes suprisingly) concerned about the same things many on this board seem to be concerned about. Didn't Skrewdriver start out as punk band? Not really my cup of tea to be honest.
  15. "contemporary living" "live the dream" and other bull$hit marketing spiel
  16. Do you mean half Italian Billy Bragg? The pro multi cult traitor and hypocrit? The guy who wants us all to live amongst foreigners from 3rd world shiteholes whilst he lives in a remote house in lily white Dorset?
  17. I often wonder how much ill health is caused by the housing situation in the UK. People taking on ever higher levels of debt just to stand still can't be healthy. Being forced to live in squalid flats can't be healthy. Having both parents forced to work isn't good for the kids or the parents. There's so much wrong with our society it's hard to know where to start
  18. You can almost smell the fear... it's palpable in that last vid. She's advising people to catch a falling knife.
  19. "The Real Hustle" has nothing on these guys! The pan handlers should be swinging from lamp posts... scum! :angry:
  20. From what I've read rape, looting and butchery were pretty much par for the course at the time unfortunately.
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