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  1. Thanks for the figures - As you say we can agree to disagree ... I'm no fascist Fascist/Communist make your mind up! You see "enrichment" I see Islands already rich in culture. I love the diversity of humanity on a global scale as you say you'd be happy for us all to be "brown". Competition is fine but resources are finite... mass migration will necessitate massive environmental damage to our country. I see no pros for the indigenous. Free movement of ideas is fine.... mass migration is not. "Colour-blind"? Probably somewhat naive as to the ways of the world. A Phobia is an irrational fear... I think I'm more rationally cautious . Out of interest how long do you think the US will be able to maintain it's position. IMHO it is a superpower inspite of it's multi culturalism. I'm sure it will eventually collapse as do all empires. Where do we go from here? Well open discussion is a start then we can start to deal with the problem.
  2. Whilst I feel sorry for those in their position I also feel sorry for those FTB's who simply can't afford a property. The sympathy dwindles when her attitude of being "further up the housing ladder" comes into play. If they are whinging now imagine how much louder they'll be whinging when the market crash really starts to gather momentum!
  3. No I mean I wouldn't want the number of indigenous Britons resident here to be outnumbered by non-indigenous people whether born here or recently immigrated. As the rate of increase of non indigenous people residing here is increasing at a geometric rate due to immigration and higher rate of childbirth then unless something is done we WILL become a minority in our own country... it's just a question of time unless we do something about it. Source
  4. Deed of trust is an excellent idea...you could also insist on a formal loan agreement for the money lent and secure it with a charge on the property. Mind you if the market takes it into negative equity it's worthless.
  5. Sigh... it is perfectly possible for an ethnic group to be in a minority in the country as a whole but for there to be a vast majority of a certain sentiment within that group... does that explain it? Please provide the figures to which you refer...however even if that were to be the case that is no rational argument for us to do the same. Somebody jumping of a cliff is not a reason for you to do the same is it? So you don't believe that indigenous people have any more rights than any other people to their homelands? Or you don't believe that the British are indigenous to these islands? I think the way to resolve it would be a referendum on the issue. I know many people who vote labour but fundamentally disagree on our current open borders. The point is the British people have never been asked if they wanted this multicultural experiment foisted upon them.
  6. How about "Contemporary" - I saw that today...new build marketing suite, Marina development, very little building happening currently "Contemporary Living" I think the phrase was.
  7. I think you'll find this has been addressed. The immigration policy of Spain is down to the Spanish... it's their business not ours. It would be racist if say for example we'll let Albanians in because they are white but not Nigerians because they are Black Africans. Most people I speak to object equally to mass migration irrespective of the race of the immigrant. I think you'll find we all dislike anti-social tossers - lets face it we have enough of our own to worry about without importing more. You might be happy being a minority in your own country but I think you'll find the vast majority of Britons don't want it. You should respect that. It is possible to be against uncontrolled immigration and not vote Tory! What we need in a democracy is a mature open debate not name calling and toy throwing. A referendum on the issue is more than overdue.
  8. So you agree that immigration has had an effect on housing demand... thats a start...can we agree that it is a significant effect? Not the only factor but a significant one? Can you explain exactly how it would "raise the tone"??? Can you also explain how "Judicious" immigration has insured that young British Workers are employed???
  9. Spain area 504,782 sq km Population 40,341,462 UK area 244,820 sq km UK population 60,441,457 As you can see from the above Spain is more than twice the size of the UK with only 2 thirds of the population. The gist of your arguement is...because the Spanish choose to accept coastal development for holiday homes on part of their coastline we should do the same??? I don't think we should unilateraly stop British people moving to Spain but if the people of Spain decided to put a stop to Brits moving there I'd support them... if the people of Spain wanted to repatriate Brits resident there I'd support them in that too. It's amatter for the Spanish it's their Sovereign territory. That said I'm not aware of any problems in this regard - I understand the Spanish are more concerned with their North African guests.
  10. source Lords Hansard 8 Dec 2004 Column WA39 – this is based on net migration and other changes of 99,000 a year for England Those who believe immigration has no effect on housing demand are in denial or at worst intentionally trying to mislead. Most of these house will be required in the SE. John Prescott has recently proposed the creation of the Solent Gatway which involves effectively concreting over the entire South Coast region between Southampton and Portsmouth. Why should England's Green and pleasant land be destroyed to house Albanians, Turks and Nigerians? Immigration also puts housing out of the reach of young working class British couples as it supresses their wage levels. Now don't get me wrong immigration is not the only cause of HPI but it certainly is a major factor. If that's racist well tough. :angry:
  11. They lie! I'm currently dealing with property speculator who did very well in the just ended boom. Highly geared but living a lavish lifestyle. All his mortgage applications are likely to have been fraudulent and based on false earnings declarations. It's amazing how few questions banks ask when confronted with a letter headed letter stating that Mr Patel earns £150k per year and has an income stram of £200k per annum from rental property. Of course the game is now up and the house of cards has simply colapsed. BTW banks will often revalue their security annually.
  12. Has nursing always required a degree??? I'm not denigrating nurses as I think they get a raw deal but isn't a degree a bit of an overqualification?
  13. Too bloody right. Remember as most work on a % fee basis their incomes have risen in line with HPI.
  14. But how do we stop exactly the same thing happening again (speculative bubble) after the market has crashed. 100% Capital gains tax on primary residence???
  15. Lets faces British Nurses have been hit by a double whammy... Wage bargaining power suppressed by immigrant labour. Increased competition for scarce housing resources by immigrant labour.
  16. Having China manufacture Our army uniforms is a complete pi$$ take. This is a country that is still illegally occupying Tibet and treating it's people in ghastly manner. China has an appaling human rights record and for us to be trading with them at this level beggers belief.
  17. Now I'm not an economist by trade but I've always thought that the UK housing market was causing a massive skew in the economy. Wouldn't it be better for the country if the monies misapplied to the housing market were invested in R&D and the modernisation/re-tooling of factories? Also the massive amounts of debt incurred in keeping up with a runaway housing market effectively takes away future consumer spending as the debts continue to be serviced month after month - with new mortgages for up to 35 years! How screwed up is our economy when a tiny drop in house prices has a significant effect on consumer spending. I'd be interested to hear suggestions as to how this could be avoided in the future!
  18. I wonder how Peter Mandelson's fraudulently acquired Nottinghill flat is doing?
  19. How do people "normally" gauge these things? I mean if your house has been on the market for 2 or 3 months with no offers then surely it's overpriced and if you are serious about selling it's time to drop the price. I sell many properties through my work and here's how we do it... 1) get a RICs qualified valuer to provide a valuation. 2) get a reputable estate agent to market it at that price 3) if no offers in 2 months lower price by 5-10% 4) repeat step 3 until sold - simple!
  20. FFS what is the point in having investments that are earning far less than the interest you are paying out on your debts? It's merely a psycological comfort. By doing this you are worsening your net position. The only rational reason for not liquidating your assets and reducing your indebtedness would be due to early withdrawal penalites. Unless I'm missing something
  21. I would have thought any savvy BTL investor would only want to jump in at the moment HP's had reached their absolute minimum in the current cycle (assuming that prices are falling?).
  22. We may have low (ish) base rates but have you seen the rates charged by high street chains, B&Q, Homebase etc 29%per annum is not unusual... bunch of userious [email protected]
  23. How can these people sleep at night? :angry: So if (when) it all goes tits up not only are the FTB's and their children on the street but so are the grandparents. I just hope most parents would be more sensible than to sign up for this kind of scam. Sadly some will come a cropper. What happened to wealth cascading down the generations? Debt cascading up the generations more like.
  24. Gruffydd Don't be fooled... whilst I have nothing against immigrants on a personnel level these people are competing with you for both jobs and housing. They undermine indigenous wage bargaining power and increase demand (and hence price pressure) for housing. The employers inc Farmers (who also get subsidised by the EU thankyou very much) are laughing all the way to the bank. The enlargement of the EU came into effect on 1 May, 2004. As from that date Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary can work in the UK without restriction. These European citizens are entitled to apply for any job in the UK the same as you or I.
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