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  1. Deano What's the address on Bitterne Road West?
  2. What a joke... I laughed all the way through. BTW ... how old is Krusty? And did she make it into Viz's "Borderline Boilers"?
  3. It still is to most rational people. You don't have to be a genius or an extremist to see that a culturally and ethnically homogonous state is far superior to a balkanised one.
  4. Well i was being slightly toungue in cheek. I'm not saying it's the only reason to have kids hence evolution has designed babies to be instinctively appealing, sex to be pleasurable etc etc. to think we are far removed from our evolutionary ancestral drives (or from evolutionary selective processes) is a profound mistake. Eating your kids is certainly one evolutionary strategy to times of crises. Indeed in some cultures a perfectly acceptable one. Better to eat the neighbouring tribes kids though
  5. With no kids you are an evolutionary dead end. If you are too lazy to pass on the genes your ancestors gave you what kind of being are you? Every creature tries to procreate. Generation upon generation of your ancestors, right back to the primeval soup struggled, fought and died to put you on the planet. By not having kids you are spitting on all their efforts. :angry: Or does that come accross as too harsh?
  6. 32 Flat, 32 Mistral, Channel Way Southampton Southampton SO14 3JA £180,000 Flat Leasehold Newbuild property 17 Nov 2003 Map(SO14 3JA) FLAT 32, MISTRAL COURT, 32 CHANNEL WAY, SOUTHAMPTON REDUCED £145,000-£155,000 Sold for £150,500 TUESDAY 12th JULY 2005 Ouch!
  7. ... came through my door the other day. From a company calling themselves "Inside Track"... apparantly property is an exciting investment opportunity. I can't believe these scumbags are trying to get people to invest in property now! Apparantly "Britain's housing boom is creating seven millionaires every hour - that's 160 millionaires every day!" They run "seminars" up and down the country.... I wonder how many muppets they are fleecing? www.insidetrack.co.uk
  8. It will take civil unrest to get the lib/lab/cons to actually listen to what people are saying.
  9. I think you have to be a licensed credit broker... that said I've seen solicitors draft loan agreements which seem to stand up in court even though the lender was not licensed.
  10. At the risk of sounding like a Tory conference.... Job Losses....................UP ! Debt Defaults................UP ! Bankruptcies.................UP ! Repossessions...............UP ! Oil Prices......................UP ! Creek paddle without.....UP !
  11. If the OR issues a clean report and files the appropriate notice in can be less than 1 year. SHortest I've seen so far is 6 months. And their selling like hot cakes
  12. Spot on but it could be far... far... worse. Buyer stretches themselves with a 4, 5, 6 times earnings mortgage - buying at or near the peak
  13. Seems to me a lot of high rises have massive barren gaps between them so the savings in land area aren't that great. Then throw in the brokenndown pi$$ soaked lifts and the burnt out cars! Flats are ok for young single people but no family should have to live in them.
  14. FTB's paying ridiculous prices is the equivilent of trying to stop an earthquake by applying superglue... of course it may delay the quake for a while but it will make the inevitable shock more devestating when it finally occurs. It relies on FTB's getting further and further into penury in order to keep the whole rotten edifice standing.
  15. So about as authoritative as the "bloke down the pub"
  16. Hey look on the bright side! At leat they'll have the extra property for him to move into when the financial pressure causes their marriage to break up!
  17. I've always known the Grauniad to be a bunch of f*ckwits but this "advice" is unbelievable! How about renegotiating the deal armed with the banks valuation??? But no. The "landlord may think that you can't afford the property"... oh the shame! Well that certainly puts me off buying WHICH? if that's the level of consumer advice you get!
  18. Very very true. It's time that Britons grew some balls and stood up for ourselves... nobody else is going to do it for us. Lets face it in most countries there'd be rioting by now!
  19. Good God man you can't go around saying things like that! It implies others are not "our people" and that is of course not allowed. You're contributing to "the sinister undercurrent"
  20. Has Wrigglesworth been having lessons from Iraq's Comical Ali?
  21. Which would have been better than trying to get your money out now when buyers have evaporated IMHO.
  22. Cheers WM As you say some sort of dialogue and compromise would be beneficial but this can only begin when people can speak their minds without the fear of the police carting them off for "incitement". We wouldn't agree with the authority's banning discussion abouit HPI now would we IMHO a referendum would be the democratic way forward (plus a change in the voting system to PR). I also think people are totally fed up with the regular use of words like "Fascist" and "Nazi" when those using them demonstrate a total lack of knowledge about either ideology.
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