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  1. My observation is that immigrants are disproportionately employed in government "non-jobs". My experience in the passport office was dire. When the people in the main office (100% immigrant) couldn't deal with it I was taken upstairs where the f8ck ups made by the downstairs dept were sorted out. Guess what? the problem solvers were 100% white. Having been a civil servant myself I can asure you it's service wide. Another example when I left the civil service new candidates were sitting basic entrance exams however it was found that the exams (basic maths, english comprehension etc) tended to result in the rejection of most immigrant candidates. So there was talk of changing them (even though the system was 100% colourblind) because it didn't give a PC result. In subsequent rounds of tests and exams immigrant candidates were given 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances where British applicants and trainees were not. A memo was circulated in regard to the relatively slight under representation of ethnic minorities in the upper positions of the civil service. This could not be allowed to continue etc etc. Action would have to be taken etc etc. When I raised the issue that indigenous Britons were MASSIVELY underrepresented in the lower grades and what was being done to address that issue my enquiries were never answered. Suprising that eh? I couldn't give a [email protected] what kind of person you think I am
  2. Have you noticed how many civil servants are from the ethnic minorities? I suggest you go to the passport office in London. It like fricking Nigeria... and these people are dealing with our border protection!!! I agree that increased population (by immigratiuon) is an inflationary pressure but it can't keep prices up all by itself.
  3. Again you are failing to factor in the social costs of the immigrants and their subsequent generations. Why should the general public pick up the tab of the social costs through increased taxation, housing costs, congestion etc etc because your company couldn't get it's act together and set up an apprenticeship scheme 10 years ago???? Of course you could fill the vacancies from within the UK ....you just have to pay market rate!!! Maybe your company can't compete at market rate in which case it deserves to go to the wall and its work force redeployed within the UK economy.
  4. Of course this benefits the profit levels of companies as it supressess wage demands and wage bargaining power of Britons. What would be the solution if immigration was not allowed? Increased wages and lower housing costs! Lower profits for companies but a better standard of living for Britons. Cheaper housing. Less countryside being swallowed under developments. Less dense housing. The fact is that we will NEVER be able to fill all job vacancies but the market will decide which jobs are filled and which jobs are not.
  5. With some immigrants working for pitance there are massive profits to be made however the tax payer has to fund the downside of benefits for those not working, social housing, crime, NHS tourism etc etc It's the old story of privatising the profits and socialising the costs. IMHO immigration is bound to have an inflationary effect on house prices effectively fuelling the boom. That doesn't mean that the boom can go on indefinately the bubble will eventually burst.
  6. This is on top of a recruitment freeze. Local newspaper put the blame squarely on the downturn in the housing market.
  7. 19/09/2003 £249,950 Flat L/H 85 Charter House, 51 Flat, Canute Road, Southampton, SO14 3FZ 51 CHARTER HOUSE, CANUTE ROAD, SOUTHAMPTON £140,000 - £145,000 (guide price) I believe these relate to the same flat which is now up for auction (repo'd by Halifax) Even if it makes the guide price that's a loss of.... £104,950
  8. Benefits should be enough to provide for basic food, fuel and clothing. Not ready meals, Baby Gap and booze/fags. If somebody can't work due to ill health that's a different matter. We should close the tax loopholes that enable the super rich to evade paying tax. Perhaps a public works program for those out of work for more than 6 months? We should encourage the more able in society to have more kids not the dregs.
  9. That's why there are checks and balances within the US system the best of which is the right to bear arms. An armed citizenry really forces government to think things through!
  10. Or left a stash of improvised explosives in the bath tub.
  11. That's the impression they want you to get. Criminal prosecutions in bankruptcies are very rare. Even the provisions for reporting offences under the Insolvency Act rarely result in much being done. The new provisions for "Bankruptcy Restriction Orders" really don't amount to much of a punishment nor are they (IMHO) an effective detterant. I've sent many reports on the conduct of bankrupts and company directors to the DTI. Even when the offences are fairly blatant it is usually "not in the public interest" to prosecute.
  12. No it is fairly easy. The onus is on the bankrupt to declare their earnings. If you are subject to an "Income Payments Agreement" or an "Income Payments Order" it's easy to get out of by engineering a "change in circumstance" ie giving up your job, fake split with the missus etc etc. Also if you receive an early discharge certificate you cannot then be subjected to an IPA if you get a better job.
  13. Unless they've STR'd those tens -hundreds of 000's will be stuck in property by and large and will be reducing in value month on month. It's wealth that is entirely notional.
  14. The enterprise act forces the Official Receiver to deal with propertie far more quickly than previously. I would expect to see forced sales feed through to the market more rapidly.
  15. Saw the item on sky news and it seemed very bearish. I was amazed that the prat hadn't even bothered to mow the lawn before the cameras arrived.
  16. Surely there must be loads of properties in Iraq that require a "makeover".
  17. Cheers! Yep. Whats suprising is the number of properties that look like they've been photoshopped but haven't! I mean this one... surely it's not real??? link
  18. Volumes are still down it could be that it's the upper end properties that are selling which would skew the overall average up. 2005 (apr-jun) £141,612 (375) 2004 (apr-jun) £137,829 (547)
  19. yeah but no... and then there's this corker... "Yes Mr Jones it a lovely house...just what were looking for infact and the price is spot on. It's just been on the market too long... sorry."
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