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  1. Fox & Sons Auction results are out. Looks like most went above the guide price. I don't have time to research them against Land Reg figures. link
  2. Hey you mean you'd drive straight past the shopping mecca of Welshpool without stopping??? Worth a stop as I hear the christmas light is now on
  3. Boris the Turk as PM??? Pah! :angry: Mind you he would be better than the Charlie snorting nancy boy that the Tories have elected!!!
  4. Deano et al I've been unable to find any cached (historical) page info for the Fox & Sons auction site. I suspect that they have stopped giving out the info for the reasons previously given. I may be speaking to the auction dept before too long and if so I will ask why. It might be just as well to copy the current page and if no results are forthcoming then we can get them direct from the land reg.
  5. The property is owned by a Company. The seller then sells their shares in the company to the new owner. So the company changes hands but the Land Registry still shows the same company as the owner. It's commonly also used to avoid inheritance tax as the company cannot die.
  6. Spot on. Nick Griffin predicted the London Tube blasts with uncanny accuracy. He is effectively being prosecuted for daring to tell the unpaletable truth. Also the BNP position was against the war in Iraq as it wasn't in Britains national interest to get involved. I expect that we will see a gradual swing towards the BNP as people become more and more disenfranchised by the mainstram parties. A major down turn in the economy will put unbearable strains on the muliciultural social model IMHO.
  7. Is that before or after the Muslim has torched the Frenchies car?
  8. ROFLMAO I guess it just illustrates how illiquid an asset your property really is. Drop the price, get out quick, bank the cash, move in with the kids and wait for the HPC!
  9. You are right... my co is dealing with a number of businesses in administration. We will continue to trade them up to christmas and then call it a day unless a buyer can be found.
  10. What kind of country are we turning into when an ordinary family have to choose between a house or kids???? 100's of thousands of foreigners pour into the country year on year when it's obvious to all that we cannot house our own people.
  11. Hi Deano We've already had a couple of petrol bomb attacks on immigrant houses plus one asylum seeker kicked to death in Southampton Then there was the brutal rape and murder of a young white girl by an Asian taxi driver who fled back to India (leaving his wife and kids to be paid for by our taxation!!! and housed through our council tax!!!) I can see things turning nasty fairly rapidly if the economy goes down. The crowds of Asylum seekers in the town centre would be an easy target for resentful locals.
  12. You are right to a certain extent about jobs being exported...however.... Importing cheap labour has the additional effect of not only bringing wage bargaining power of workers here down but also increasing competition for housing, more cars on the roads, polution, social problems, forcing tax rates up etc etc. Exporting jobs does not give us a burgeoning disatisfied pool of essentially foreign and hostile youth ready to rob, rape, riot and suicide bomb.
  13. An internal Home Office email released to MigrationWatch UK under the FOIA Where does it all end? According to the former Home Secretary... "There is no obvious upper limit to legal immigration"
  14. You'd be very welcome... perhaps in the more intimate surrounds of the family room? Must get some carpet down though!
  15. Out of interest if the foreigners were not allowed to move to the UK would the "going rate" have to increase???
  16. Well if Jews created videos showing innocent pensioners having their heads sawn off then maybe mention of Jewish Terrorism would be justified. If Jews detonated car bombs in crowded market places in downtown Bagdad killing 80 innocent Shiites (apostates to the Islamists) then talk of Jewish Terrorism would be justified. If Jews crashed passenger aircraft into buildings etc etc You can't get away from the fact that Islamic extremists are motivated by Islam!!! (BTW I'm not a Jew or a Zionist before that is thrown at me!)
  17. Bioethanol really is a no-brainer... could we produce enough to fuel the entire country??? Even if not I'd rather us source sugar for Bioethanol production from the 3rd world than oil from the Middle East
  18. It's frowned upon in Christianity (which is why it was illegal here). That's why we have the image of Jews as money grabbers... only they were allowed to lend money. Lending at usurious rates is still illegal but I don't think it has been decided by case exactly what that level is. I regard store cards charging 29% APR as usury.
  19. What's in your wallet? Still their advert with the rampaging vikings to illustrate introductory rates ceasing was pretty good.
  20. I'd go for this fortified Manor House on the English/Welsh border! It has an excellent medieval feasting hall where I could party with all my "home boys". It could feature in MTV's Medieval Cribs.
  21. Yep the former bread basket of Southern Africa is royaly shafted. Thousands of Black Africans face malnutrition, disease and death. Mad Mugabe moving on to use his bully boys to kick his fellow Black Zimbabweans out of their houses and onto the streets... "sorted" Speaking of Nigeria though President Obasanjo has been forward thinking in welcoming dispossessed White Zimbabweans to farm in his country (as have other african states).
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