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  1. "Their money" my @rse. Get yourself a Swiss Bank account or one in Lichtenstein out of Uk jurisdiction pdq then transfer your money out of her grasping paws! If she is going to divorce you simply because you're renting then she isn't worth having as a wife IMHO. What ever happened to for richer or poorer?
  2. Yep it's the lenders. Their recourse in Bankruptcy is to lodge a "Proof of Debt" form. Assuming the Bankrupt has no assets they're stuffed.
  3. It's on there 3 times with different agents. 1 photo at a slightly different angle but the blue tarpaulined boat is still in the picture! LOL
  4. If only Hackney council hadn't spent so much on black disabled lesbian juggling workshops eh?
  5. The full story doesn't make them sound quite so profligate.... and seeing as they bought their house in 1975 I don't think that they "have pushed house prices up to completely insane levels" In fact it seems that the lending company are completely immoral scum. If I recall the verdict was disapointing as it did not comment on the usurious interest rates charged (which would have allowed many other loans to be cancelled) but rather on irregularities in the loan companies paperwork.
  6. Any body with a basic grounding in economics will be aware of MARKET FAILURE. The market cannot cope with the social costs of immigration. Industry privatises the profits and socialises the costs. Do you think that the factories that initially used cheap imported Asian labour paid anything towards the costs of the Bradford Riots or the London suicide bombings? DO they pay toward the benefits of the 2nd and 3rd generation Asians? Of course not. I think you'd be suprised at the British worker. I'm one. Used to work 2 jobs. 2 am - 7 am Nightshift. Then Home for Breakfast, shower & shave - suit on and in work for 9am and full 7 hour day. Did that for 3 years. Strangely enough I care more for my fellow Brits than Johnny Foreigner I don't want to see Indian style squalor here. If companies want to exploit foreign workers then do it abroad. Importing cheap labour into the UK allows companies to invest less in mechanisation and depresses GDP.
  7. Well it all depends. Plaid Cymru are "Pseudo Cultural Nationalists" IMHO. They don't mind who comes into Wales as long as they learn to speak Welsh. They don't really subscribe to the concept of Ethnic Nationalism AFAIK. To them a Pakistani born in Wales is Welsh. Most Welsh people will tell you different.
  8. When you own your property out right then you can talk. As for me I'm currently renting with nice deposit tucked away. No debts at all. Even own my own car outright. It's a great feeling. I also work in insolvency and business has never been better!
  9. Well I'd never buy a new build from these type of developers anyway. How do I feel? F*cking disgusted to be honest. But then I'm a nationalist.
  10. Out of interest assuming your tenant did decide to leave how long would it take you to market, show, find a new tenant, check references etc etc
  11. How can we find out which companies do and which don't? I suspect local people don't want the immigrants either.
  12. Welsh wages are already the lowest in the UK but this obviously isn't low enough for the bosses of these firms. What is the point of these industries (no doubt supported by WDA funding) if they don't employ local people?
  13. And the right to keep and bear arms. That'd make Tony and his odious minority regime take the public far more seriously!
  14. They believe in a paradigm in which house prices only go up. Any suggestion or fact which contradicts this paradigm cause cognitive dissonance (a kind of mental pain or discomfort) causing them to defend the paradigm in which they have a lot invested (mentally and financially).
  15. Under 3. Average wage is £2.15 per day (or thereabout depending on exchange rates) so I make that £559 per annum.
  16. Of course if people weren't spending such crazy proportions of their monthly salary servicing huge mortgages, personal loans and credit card repayments they might have more to spend on pension provisions? Perhaps the Billions extra of our taxes that Blai just gave away to subsise the Polish underground system etc would have been better spent? The government puts the net 'contribution' cost of our EU membership (1999) at £8.5 billion (equal to almost 4p of income tax) and current estimates put it at £11 billion. Wouldn't that extra 4p of income tax be better spent than on subsidising French farmers and the EU gravy train?
  17. ...in Sri Lanka according to Radio 4 this morning. A UK charity founded by ex pat Sri Lankans is assisting people to build new homes in the wake of the Tsunami. The houses are fairly large typically with 2 bedrooms, a large kitchen and living space plus a roofed veranda. The houses are permanent structures constructed of brick and tile. The owners can have pretty much any design they like though the budget is £1,500. Makes you think eh?
  18. Am I being thick here or are they contradicting themselves?
  19. Yep... well they're going to present their own Bankruptcy petition in the New Year anyway so it'd be daft not to. As long as they keep just enough credit on the card to pay the court fee
  20. Cripes 2 pages till somebody mentioned the holocaust! It is possible to be a nationalist but not a racist. A Nationalist would want to protect national housing stock for the members of the nation. A Racist would want whites of any nationality to have equal access to British Housing as Britons whilst denying access to other foreigners. Such a measure would require our withdrawal from full EU membership to a position similar to that of Norway and Iceland with membership of the EEA.
  21. Couldn't agree more - there are large swaythes of the country that are owned by foreign "investors". Clearly this is an inflationary pressure on property costs. I'd like to see such property taken with a compensatory payment of a maximum of say £50k to each specific individual. You'd also have to deal with companies which hold property on behalf of foreigners.
  22. I'd suggest higher auction volumes indicate problems in selling property in the traditional manner.
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