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  1. Charging orders are rarely used these days and the courts tend to take into account the totality of debt so that one creditor cannot put thenselves in an advatageous position vis-a-vis the other unsecured creditors. Your credit history at Experian would be clean after 5 years (last time I checked). That said many lenders have a question along the lines of "Have you ever been subject to bankruptcy or made a compact with your creditors."
  2. I missed that... was there a mob armed with pitchforks and torches?
  3. Little chef brazenly advertising a "Price Crash!" - do they know somthing we don't? Also in R4's "The Archers" they mentioned the property market was bad and one character refused to get further into debt with a second mortgage (not that I'm a regular listener).
  4. Problem with an IVA is that you need your creditors support (75%) and if you fail to adhere to the terms you can end up bankrupt any way. Most creditors will put in a modification to the proposal that if the arrangement fails you supervisor must petition for your bankruptcy. IMHO (as somebody who Supervises IVA's) you are better of declaring bankruptcy unless you have significant assets you don't wish to lose. BTW if you are bankrupt you can propose a "fastrack IVA" via the Official Receiver.
  5. I was called into a small engineering firm last week who are in financial difficulty. At least 50% of the factory floor staff were Poles and Lithuanians. Interestingly all of the initial round of redundancies fell on the British workers (possibly as an unforseen consequence of TUPE regulations which makes the longer serving staff more of a liability).
  6. For those who wish to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event that the shit hits the fan and the boys in blue find themselves will be too busy protecting B.Liar and his cronies to come to your aid you may find the attached link of use link Better to have a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it.
  7. When you think about it people do get killed for far less than £100k. Perhaps my associates at "Rottweiler Collections" should 'ave a word in his shell like. If he doesn't pay up go to work on his grilfriend with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. BTW I did reposess a snake once.
  8. The ants would fight to the death to defend the colony. I'm sure waves of heroic soldier ants would cut up the locust invaders and use their body parts to feed the colony. Yum!
  9. My understanding is that you are entitled to apply set off to any dealings. So the rent/dpost should cancel each other out - unless there actually is damage.
  10. YOU might not call it a HiMO just as a drunk driver might refer to themselves as a drunk driver. The chances of people dying in house fires increases significantly when living in MO. That's why the rules are there to protect peoples lives. By your "economic argument" you'd be happy keeping car prices down by doing away with seat belts and airbags. WHilst we're at it lets not bother with MOT's eh? BTW bet your housing insurance is invalidated as well
  11. To be fair the cashmere fibre comes from goats in the china region so shipping it to Scotland to be processed did seem a bit odd. Went to the shop and mill in question on my hols ... talk about expensive!!!
  12. You are a CRIMINAL! Lets just hope you get caught and your illegal rents taken off you. Preferably before the 8 Poles die in a house fire.
  13. I hope for his sake he does as it's a criminal offence not to plus all the rent paid by the Poles could be clawed back from him! DOes any body know how council tax works in a HiMO situation as it seem his 8 Poles are paying less than £250 per month between them on council tax. I did have to resist the temptation to refer to it as "Pole Tax"
  14. I think we can all agree that the factors that have driven HPI to the currently insane levels are complex and not just down to one factor. It is my opinion that immigration is one of those factors... can immigration prop up house prices all by itself? Of course not. Does it have and effect? Absolutely. For more information see the excellent and informative www.migrationwatchuk.org website - all their figures and claims are fully indexed and verifiable. I think we are kidding ourselves if we thought that a downturn in the economy would result in hordes of immigrants leaving the UK. Perhaps we can look at the immigration stats for the last HPC vs House prices?
  15. In some ways you are right however the definition of who constitutes an immigrant varies for example in the Netherlands, an immigrant is classified as anyone with one or more parents born abroad. Or one could be talkng about immigrant "communites" which could include both immigrants and UK subjects. Indeed it's possible to an immigrant and a UK subject! I agree to an extent on your million immigrant effect... however I put it to you that the effects on society of a million Britons (expats or rhodesian farmers for example) returning to this country would be different to a million pakistanis (and would have a differing effect on the housing market). In the real world the fact is that Britons returning to the mother country constitute a small % of inward migration. Even so the home office is considering reviewing the ancestral visa scheme. It is possible for an "ethno-nationalist" to have view on HPI in the same way as it's possible for a member of the "let 'em all in brigade" to. Believe it or not I also have view on the environment, crime and range of other subjects!
  16. It's just one factor along with divorce, speculation, VI spin etc but it shouldn't be a taboo subject IMHO. Seems like some people want to stiffle debate.
  17. As a nationalist I count Australians, Rhodesians, SouthAfricans etc of 100% British decent as British yes. Our own immigraton law used to take the same position. That's how you could get ancestral Visas. Are you saying that Nigerians, Pakistanis or Poles aren't immigrants??? As you say the forum is about house prices but this particular posting is about immigration. The ethnic make up of the population is very relevant to an overall understanding of house prices... see for example the phenomenon of "white flight" from our cities puting pressure on housing stock in other areas. Obviously this has an effect on house prices to suggest otherwise is to be in denial.
  18. Have you any figures to back that up? As far as I'm aware the annualised rate of immigration is still very high. If you factor in the rate at which Brits are leaving you can extrapolate that the rate of change from Brits to non Brits is increasing. In any event even if the rate of immigration is lower it just means things are getting worse less quickly. Can you honestly see a situation where more immigrants (non ethnic Brits) leave than enter? It's possible that even in a UK recession the economic opportunities in London will be better than in rural Poland, Pakistan or Nigeria.
  19. Is he saying it's now worse than the deepest depths of the last HPC??
  20. That's nice... now run along and make us all a nice cup of tea!!
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