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  1. He should try and get the money back on the video camera, stop the mobile phone subscription, cancel the football season ticket and stop eating all the pies. Maybe then he wouldn't need the Picture Loan.
  2. Isn't that a face you'd never tire of punching?
  3. Don't they get their mortgages subsidised allowing them to get involved in BTL much more easily than ordinary working Britons.
  4. Doesn't she have servant to go to the loo for her? I'm sure the good burghers of Romsey (Southampton Posh) will regard it as an honour to shell out for the the queens latest "throne".
  5. I read it as 1 million sq km. *Adopts Dr Evil pose*
  6. What kind of muppet relies on a valuation undertaken by the developers valuer? Connells was obviously getting an awful lot of valuation work from the developer - hardly arms length.
  7. Yeah some twazock had a "Stop the BNP" avatar. I haven't seen it for a while so I may change mine. These marxist fronts pi$$ me off. It's not like they haven't already got the deck stacked is it?
  8. I voted for a lib dem councillor because he was the only one to could be bothered to come and speak to me plus I agreed with quite abit of what he had to say on local issues. I told him I'd never vote lib dem nationally because of their stance on immigration. He told me his son voted BNP The main attraction for the libs has to be PR which I honestly believe would be good for the country.
  9. In the last 10 years I can't recall a union calling for a halt to mass immigration! Here from the horses mouth... Thats from Dave Prentis head of UNISON. Dave is also a member of the TUC general council, TUC executive committee and the Trade Union Labour Party Liaison Committee. He is a member of the Labour Party's economy commission and the Labour Party joint policy committee. He is a director the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) and also Catalyst, two centre-left research bodies. IPPR is forever pushing the marxist multicultural agenda.
  10. Crocodile tears. The unions have been at the forefront of promoting immigration into this country against the interests of indigenous folk. They have funded anti-nationalist spoiling campaigns and organisations, they have promoted a multicultural agenda and political correctness, they have engaged in witch hunts and purges of those who have raised these issues so it's a little bit late in the day for them to start wingeing now. [email protected]
  11. Like all hustles this one relies on the marks greed and guliability. They've seen others make oodles of cash and want a piece of the action.
  12. I thought they were privateers with letters of marque? All legal and above board like? They were merely taking from the Spanish what they had taken from the Aztecs. No peace beyond the line and all that.
  13. I'm not a lawyer but if it isn't it bloody well should be. Obtaining goods and services by deception would seem to fit the bill I'd have thought. If the couple in the film were told that "the mortgage payments will be the same as what you are paying now" then that is fraud as far as I'm concerned. I don't think supplying them with a ream of very complex explanatory paperwork setting out the exact terms trumps the initial fraudulent claims made by the salesman. If the mis-selling is accompanied by fraudulent mortgage applications then that compounds the criminality. Lets face it the marks featured weren't the smartest knives in the draw. In fact at least in 2 cases they were pretty "vulnerable" I'd say.
  14. Yeah but excluding a wholesale systemic failure or an electorate so radicalised they will dismantle the current banking system regulation and ROBUST ENFORCEMENT is the only way to stop this abuse. That the guy that had made millions from misselling was fined £50k is a joke. He should have been locked up and ALL his ill gotten gains confiscated. Until theese shysters and spivs fear for their wealth they will carry on as it's profitable.
  15. When they showed the family on benefits on their motability scooters I was expecting Goldie Looking Chain* to start rapping.
  16. Good point. Can you overpay and if so are there any penalties? Yep I can see a lot of marital breakdowns but with negative equity rearing it's head there may be less bones to pick over for the lawyers. Wrongful selling is where I see the next legal bonanza.
  17. Does this guy live on the same planet as us? Many are struggling to pay off the scheduled payments already. With more interest rate hikes possible and resets on the way where does he think they are going to get the extra money from? He might as well say "They should pay for their house outright with cash". It simply isn't possible for many people. I think many will say "[email protected] that" to his suggestion of chipping away at their debt and file for bankruptcy - especially when they are facing the reality of a lifetime of debt.
  18. Won't they want to release them in dribs and drabs to try and support the price?
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