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  1. 9,473,000 before the economy goes really t!ts up! I wonder what it'll get to.... Brucie, "9,473,000 its a bit of a middle number..." *audience shouts "HIGHER"*
  2. A very sad case...RIP. Condolences to the poor guy's wife and kids. I wonder how the person who made the decision at the Halifax is feeling right now. Arrears of £5k isn't much to repo over.
  3. I suspect it will all depend on just how bad things really get.
  4. You forgot the debtor's petitions at each and every county/combined court across our fair realm.
  5. I recall a program on the NZ farming experience and the lessons for the UK. The upshot was that banks will generally not forclose on farmers as it would undermine the security they hold over vast swathes of agricultural land!
  6. I've never heard of a dependant stopping possession proceedings paticularly if the applicant is the trustee in bankruptcy. At most it delays proceeding by 1 year. I'm only aware of instances of further delays where the dependant is disabled AND the property as been specially adapted. Did the finance company take action to minimise their loss (and therefore there claim against your friend)? Which vehicle finance company was it?
  7. I suspect food security has gone out the window... whilst we are no longer under threat of blockade. Yes I get the impression that "Gentlemen Farmers" are seen as a class enemy as we are alone amoungst europe in having no peasant class to speak of. You're right about tenant farmers. BTW I think the scrapping of the CAP might assist our farmers as they are by and large more efficient than continental farmers.
  8. I know it may sound harsh but why should farmers have it any easier than the coal miners? Farmers have been heavily subsidised under the CAP. (although our farmers are by no means as subsidised as the French). If some farmers have to sell up it may give younger more dynamic farmers a chance to start up - maybe those who are currently agricultural labourers. I suspect the future is organic low intensity farming... this may mean that some land is taken out of production (returning to the state it was before the war).
  9. A very reasonable approach. We need to look at what % of current incomes goes on purchasing the necessities of life - food, shelter, clothing, transport etc I read somewhere that Neolithic people spent less of their time working to supprt themselves than we do! Progress...my @rse!
  10. See the recent expose on Solent "University" aka SOuthampton Institiute to see the extent of the problem. It all stems back to attitude that you can't have kids actually lose... every body has to "succeed" with success measured as a useless media studies 2:2 from Spunkbridge Polyversity and a very overdrawn bank account.
  11. Wage bargaining power ceases to exist when there is a limitless source of cheap labour available by immigration. The irony is that todays Unions have been the most vocal pro-immigration groups - unlike in the early days of mass immigration when the unions came out in protest. Unskilled and semi skilled Britons are going to have to face permanent minimum wages.
  12. I was shocked by the number of people who appear to be living in what are effectively "Trailer Parks" in the SE of England. How did it come to this?
  13. How many of these "approvals" go forward to completions? That's the key factor. Also how many of the completions result in "cash back" offers etc that don't make it onto the Landregistry data?
  14. Office block? Prison more like. Stick in a 12ft high electric fence and some guardtowers.
  15. Yep 'fraid so. Still business is booming! If there's no equity then the Trustee in Bankruptcy won't push the sale. That leaves it down to the mortgagees generally. The danger is that if the mortgagees take their sweet time in selling and it ends up going for less than the mortgage you might find that the mortgagee goes after the solvent borrower for the entirety of the debt. In these circumstances the wife may well end up bankrupt too. Husbands and wives are not jointly and severally liable for each others debts unless they take out a joint loan.
  16. "I'm not giving it away" is not the response you get when a Trustee is dealing with your property. I just sold a flat initially valued at £125,000 for £85,000 as that was what the market would pay. Took me a year to get to completion from the inital placing of the property with the estate agent. If the property wasn't sold in a month I simply dropped the price. Repeat month after month until sold.
  17. If there is equity it is likely to be sold as an asset with the bankrupt's share going to the "Bankruptcy estate" administered by his Trustee. It is possible for a charge to be placed on the property rather than a sale being forced. The non bankrupt spouse would normally be entitled to 50% of the equity. If there is no equity it will be offered to the joint owner (usually the non bankrupt spouse) for a nominal amount of £1 plus costs of £211. If it is not dealt with by the 3rd anniversary of the bankruptcy ie Sold or charged then it reverts to the bankrupt. If the wife and kids were still living there then their rights would outweigh the rights of the creditors for 1 year but this doesn't seem to be the case here. Of course this could all be by the by if there is a pre-bankruptcy divorce order which gave the property to the non bankrupt spouse.
  18. In medeival Wales there were never enough men to work the land. Thats why when his lands were invaded a Lord would move his people and cattle to the hills. They were the important assets not land per se. That said long term security of land was important and became more so as people began to settle into towns and became more specialised. I suspect as populations again become more mobile (on a continental scale) then real-estate will lose some of it's value. Anybody know what is happening to farmland in Germany?
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